Lydibug Photography::

Hello! I wanted to share with you all my exciting new adventure! I have been taking photos for people and events for years! Being a stay at home mom to Lydia has inspired me to take that next step and open my own Photography Business! Lydibug Photography has had one session so far this month and has over fifteen more sessions booked for this summer! I am so thrilled at the overwhelming amount of response I have been receiving! I plan to start a website soon, but for now you can find me on facebook! Remember me for you next session! 



Catch Up::

Hi Darling’s… I know I know, it has been a few months! Lydia is 6 months old and I am way behind… I need to do a little catch up before the crazy holiday’s start up tomorrow! Lydia is our greatest adventure she is an amazing baby.. we are so lucky! She eats 3 “solid” meals a day, sleeps 8pm-8am and hardly ever cries. She naps once in the morning and then just little 20 min cat naps through out the rest of the day. She smiles all the time, loves the camera and enjoys watching her fur brother roam the house. She is sitting up on her own and learning to roll from her back to her tummy (she rolled stomach to back at 8 weeks, and has rolled from her back to her stomach.. but were still working on that one.) She isn’t quite ready to crawl yet, but that is alright, she will get there soon enough. Lydia also has 2 bottom middle teeth and enjoys playing with her toes, and putting them in her mouth. She does the most amazing belly laughs, and “talks” all the time! We love our sweet pea more than words can say!! Here are a few monthly photos, to get you caught up!



One Month::

Hello! I am still in shock at how fast time is going… Lydia is already a month old. We headed to the doctor today for her one month wellness check and her shot “poor baby” I was “that” mother crying during her shot. Lydia did great all things considered. Our lives have changed so much in this past month, everything revolves around our sweet baby girl and her needs and I wouldn’t want it any other way! To remember how tiny she was I took a few photos and even included some milestones and likes, dislikes to remember for years to come. Happy one month baby girl- you are our world!


Weekly Update::

Hi Darling’s! Just wanted to reach out and give you a little update.. we have been crazy busy raising Lydia. She is still such a great baby! Last night she co-slept with us for 7 hours straight! Midnight till 7 am! Wow! She is growing fast and already has more clothing than me! We are loving our daily walks and keeping busy around the house with lots of snuggles! Here are a few more weekly photos… I know I am a bit behind but Lydia is my top priority at this moment! 


Week 2: First tutu ever! Thanks Grandma!




Week 3: Fresh Lilacs: Adorable!


Our Sweet Baby Girl: 3 weeks old


Family Photo before our friend Alexa’s wedding


This Sweet L I made for Lydia’s Nursery- more on that another day!


First Holiday- Memorial Day- Loving this adorable romper!

Lydia Grace::

Hello! We welcomed a beautiful baby girl Tuesday May 3rd, 2016. Born at 8:19 am weighing 8lbs and 20 inches long full head of dark hair and long eyelashes! We are so in love! Lydia has been home for almost a week and everyday is more amazing! I had an amazing first mothers day… still can’t believe we have a daughter. She is absolutely perfect! She is alert and loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy… not a fan of bath time yet. She is a good eater and has been sleeping 6 hours through the night.. just crazy! We are extremely lucky and blessed to have Lydia in our lives! She made us a family and we will forever be grateful! She is peacefully sleeping next to me and I just keep looking over and smiling- she is just so tiny.. She is wearing newborn clothing and sleep sacks are an amazing invention! Well more later! Here are a few photos of our sweet Lydia at one week old!