6 Month’s Old::

Life sure get’s busy with 2 kiddos! I am not sure how parents of 3,4,5 children do it! Props to you all! We have had a great holiday season, and a recent family trip to Mexico. Lyla is 6 month’s old and sitting up! Eating solids and sleeping through the night! Praise! Lydia is fully potty trained! Whew! Needless to say we have been busy! Also I started selling Young Living essential oils, so any free time is used to work! We are already looking forward to spring and some warm weather. We have been getting dumped on with snow, icy rain and lots of wind. Yuck! Pretty much been home bodies to try and keep everyone from getting sick for the 2nd or 3rd time this year. On a positive note I was able to nurse Lyla for the full 6 month’s! Such a bittersweet ending. My baby is growing up and my toddler is becoming more and more independent. Attitude is starting to appear and we are doing our best to show her the way’s of continuing to be such a sweet girl! I did recently go on a mother daughter date to Disney on Ice with Lydia! She had so much fun watching and dancing to the music! Follow along on my instagram stories for more daily milestones and videos! IMG_24631.JPG

Fall is Here::

Hello! Wow,  it has been a while again. Lyla is almost 3 month’s already! Lydia will be 2.5 in a few weeks and time is not showing any signs of slowing down. We have been so busy with little family trips to door county and up north. Lyla got baptized last weekend and Cory is still going out of town here and there for work trips. Lyla is such a great addition to the family and is nursing like a champ. She however, does not like to take a bottle… we try and give her 4oz once a day to keep her used to them as best as we can. Fall is in full swing, leaves are changing the weather is getting chilly and my photo sessions are happening weekly! Getting ready for Lyla’s first Halloween and I secretly can’t wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas! I am over half way done Christmas shopping already! I can’t help it!! I am so excited to see both my girl’s celebrating the Holiday’s together! I do however need a few gift idea’s for Lyla to help make her first Christmas special! The girl’s are brand representatives for eight Instagram small shops and we love the community of people that we have met during this adventure! We are so blessed to work with some amazing shops and mama’s! I will try and update more often, life just happens and sometimes thing’s like my blog get pushed to the back burner as life keeps rolling!

Lyla Jeane::

Hello! We have our newest baby girl and we are all settled in at home as a family of four! Lyla Jeane was born Friday July 20th at 11:55am weighing 7lbs 6oz and 20 inches long. We are so blessed with another beautiful baby girl! Lydia is already the best big sister, holding her, hugs, kisses and lots of sharing and singing! We are so relieved to see how much she adores her and keeps watch over her already. Lyla is already 1 week old and it seems impossible! Time really does go faster as you get older and it seems the more children you have as well! I am still in baby bliss and I have to remind myself she is actually here in our arms! She is such a good baby, a little colic at night but were hoping its just an adjustment to being home. One day at a time, we may be tired, but I know these day’s don’t last long so I want to soak them in while I can! IMG_26161IMG_29471IMG_29771IMG_28531

38 Weeks:: Final Countdown::

Hello! I am still in shock we can have another baby girl in just a few more days! Time of my second pregnancy sure went fast! Chasing a toddler and being ready to pop is exhausting and no joke! Looking forward to finally getting to snuggle both my girls! I am so excited to finally meet our newest addition, yet terrified of going from 1 to 2. Lydia has  been our world for the last 2 year’s and she is still a total mama’s girl so I have a feeling the adjustment is going to be big. I know she is excited for sister and kisses my belly, but the reality is she doesn’t know what is going to happen once baby is actually here! One day at a time is all we can expect at this point. I am trying to clean the house slowly each day and trying to get in as much sleep at night as possible to prepare myself for what is to come. Give us all the strength! We are feeling so blessed to have made it full term on yet another healthy pregnancy and wish all who are struggling all our love and support! Here are our family maternity photos at week 34 into my weekly 35-38 photos! IMG_92662IMG_93312IMG_92951IMG_93821IMG_97572IMG_13761IMG_14101IMG_18861IMG_23844IMG_24014

33 Week’s::

Happy Weekend Everyone I am currently 33 weeks prego, baby girl is the size of a pineapple! I am getting more and more uncomfortable, harder to carry Lydia around and sit on the floor with her playing. Braxton hicks are getting stronger but still far apart. Just hoping we get at least 6 more weeks before she arrives. I am trying to soak in as much of Lydia as I can before we become a family of 4 next month! This pregnancy is going by so fast, chasing a toddler around sure makes things interesting! I am gaining weight on track or so my doctor says. Every time we hear her heartbeat she is happy and excited and usually right around 156-160 bpm! I will get to hear her heartbeat again next week, it is one of the best sounds! Lydia helped me finalize the nursery this week, I drew and painted a bunny and made a homemade heart for above her crib. We also found some artwork at Hobby Lobby for above the diaper changing table/dresser. These next 6/7 weeks are going to fly by! Enjoy your weekend! Lydia is giving sister kisses daily and loves to talk and read to sister! Just melts my heart every time!