Baseball::Boating:: Summer Fun::


Hope everyone had an amazing weekend… we had some beautiful weather around here! Cory and I were very busy bodies this weekend:: Friday night was shared at the Ballpark catching a baseball game with friends… we cheered our way to victory! Cory’s Brother came to town for a visit and we got to spend some quality time with him and our niece… lots of laughs outside in the sunshine! Sunday was spent relaxing with family and boating on the river… we even docked for a quick bite to eat on the patio!  Loving these sunshine filled day’s!!

Darling Bee Happy::




Country Festival:: Long Walks at Night::

Hard to believe it is friday already! Looking forward to the weekend ahead full of fun, sun and family time!  Speaking of fun- We had the opportunity this past Tuesday to go to our annual Country Festival just an hour drive from our home- It was quite the adventure… hot sun, long walks and great music- we saw friends and family and sang along to the beat of the music… we try to attend every year so this is beginning to look like a tradition! gotta love those! Lucky for us the rain storms held off and kept us dry and boy was that sky amazing!

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July 30 Day Plan::

Hello! I have been feeling sluggish and low energy lately.. decided its finally summer this should not be how I am feeling! I have decided it is time for a change… The month of July I am going to do the 30 day bikini body meal plan to get myself back into shape and back into feeling great! High energy and no more slugging around!! Time to get outside get on the bike’s- go for the evening walks and drink WATER like its going out of style! I hope to have some amazing tips along the way and hope for an amazing result :) Wish me Luck!! To great health and high energy!

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Meet Kirstie Kraus:: Thirsty Jones::

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you have some exciting weekend plans:: I want to just take a moment and introduce an amazing and talented Musician… Kirstie Kraus… She is a singer, songwriter, performer and an outstanding one at that. She has started a new band named Thirsty Jones and WOW let me tell you they are amazing! I have known Kirstie for many years… middle school to be exact. She has been at my side, my BFF, my mirror, and my biggest fan- as I am to her. Watching her grow as an artist has truly been an amazing journey and I can’t wait to see where it takes her next… from performing every week to traveling to Nashville, writing amazing songs and being such a talented singer/songwriter. I am truly blessed to have this woman in my life:: I was even lucky enough to have her create and sing an original mash-up for my wedding last june… she was MOH and she literally sang as she walked down the aisle… it was an amazing sight and no one saw it coming! So check out Kirstie Kraus!!

Darling Bee Talented::