Meet Kirstie Kraus:: Thirsty Jones::

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you have some exciting weekend plans:: I want to just take a moment and introduce an amazing and talented Musician… Kirstie Kraus… She is a singer, songwriter, performer and an outstanding one at that. She has started a new band named Thirsty Jones and WOW let me tell you they are amazing! I have known Kirstie for many years… middle school to be exact. She has been at my side, my BFF, my mirror, and my biggest fan- as I am to her. Watching her grow as an artist has truly been an amazing journey and I can’t wait to see where it takes her next… from performing every week to traveling to Nashville, writing amazing songs and being such a talented singer/songwriter. I am truly blessed to have this woman in my life:: I was even lucky enough to have her create and sing an original mash-up for my wedding last june… she was MOH and she literally sang as she walked down the aisle… it was an amazing sight and no one saw it coming! So check out Kirstie Kraus!!

Darling Bee Talented::



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