Recipe for Spinach and Mozzarella Egg Bake::

Last night I was searching through Pinterest (mild obsession) and I wanted to find a healthy alternative for breakfast everyday- I am used to just grabbing some Cheerios or a breakfast bar- realizing that is not doing my health kick any extra favors… So I decided to make a healthy low carb egg bake and pack it full of spinach… I have attached the website for the recipe, however I almost tripled the amount of spinach and I added fresh chopped mushrooms… I plan on making this again this weekend for next week’s morning breakfast’s… each time I will add a little something extra to make it even better- I am thinking onions, broccoli, chopped zucchini and maybe even a few pieces of turkey bacon crumbled… and I might even skip the light cheese… this makes for 6 servings… and it is sooo yummy!!

Darling Bee Baking::

egg bake


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