Friday Wishes::

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful week and have some amazing weekend adventures planned:: I am in full count down mode to Amanda’s Bridal Shower this sunday!! Here are the things I have been craving/wanting/needing to have…if only all wishes were to come true :)

Darling Bee Wishing::


dreammobiledreamcribDream Diaper Bag


From Left to right working our way down::

This amazing purse that I am craving for fall from Big Buddha- Love this!

Soft blush pink blouse top from H&M only 9.95!!

Dark floral pants that would be great for summer into fall adding some boots- H&M

This Amazing Baby Mobile- that I just think is adorable- Don’t worry not pregnant just mildly obsessed with baby stuff at the moment! Amazon

This Crib… have been looking at it for months and just love the softness yet vintage vibe its giving off!- Amazon

My obsession- this is my PERFECT diaper bag- I have not been able to find any I like and this one hits the spot right on! Hmmm

The perfect small watering can for keeping in the house… watering my small indoor plant and a few small outdoor plants- Amazon

A ponytail palm- I had one in my first apartment I called Harrietta- might need to think about getting another….

Kabob Skewers… for these last few weeks of summer grilling… this is a must!

Well thanks for stopping! See you next week darlings!



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