Braided Side Pony::

Hello! I hope to have more photos for this one soon- in the meantime I will just explain how to create an effortless look that can be dressed up or down… for the bridal shower I decided to try something a little different- creating a large french braid with a deep side part making sure to leave it loose for a more effortless feel… followed by a smaller french braid with the little hair left on the opposite side and draping that down around the back of my head and meeting at the other side:: I then decided to gather all the hair and the braids and bring into a side pony tail followed by wrapping a large piece of hair around the band to cover and securing with a bobby pin- Since I like a final put together feel for an event or party I curled the ends to make a more polished look- for a day-to-day I would stick with just the large side braid into a pony tail and wrap it- no need for the curling or extra small braid… I am one that wears my hair braided all the time- almost every day so if I can still braid yet change it up I am all for it!

Darling Bee Braiding::



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