Master Bathroom Transformation::

Hey Everyone! End of August already… make me want to turn back time and start over in June! But really I am kind of looking forward to wearing my favorite brown boots and a nice cuddly sweater again! In the meantime I have been cheating on fashion with furniture… well my Master Bathroom Vanity to be exact- Turning it’s ever dated 30-year-old Oak into something new and refreshed and let me tell you it was a week or so of work but the outcome has me amazing that I was able to do something so spectacular with my own two hands! This is something besides painting a room that I can do well by myself!  This was my first attempt at anything like this… I am so pleased with how it turned out…What do you think?!

Darling Bee Renewed::


Before- (this is our guest bathroom- next on my list!)


After!! So much better!


looking into Master- next is floors and paint!


Amazing what a refreshed cabinet-new countertop-sink and faucet can do to change a room!

It’s a work in progress but so far so good! Can’t wait to show you what is to come!


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