Canvas Art Refreshed::

Hey Darling’s! I have been kind of M.I.A lately, but I have been busy at work with more DIY projects around the house! Including a tired old canvas with a print of Italy… I bought this large canvas about 5 years ago and since then we have moved into a newer house and it just didn’t fit the space anymore… so it has been just hanging in the rec room in the basement looking out-of-place… that is until I refreshed it! All you need is a framed canvas, some spray paint and some painters tape! I had so much fun creating and making it something I could love again… I havent quite decided on its home yet… but in the mean time its back in the rec room looking a little less tired and a lot more refreshed!

Darling Bee Refreshed::


The finished product!!


The Before- Drop cloth ready to get refreshed!


Spray paint and painters tape- my best friend’s


sprayed all Matte Black!


taped the edges and started creating!


Finished Look!


Again! I love how it turned out- can’t wait to paint the walls and move it to a new exciting home!

Thank’s for visiting- stop by again later for another DIY post!


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