The Start of Something Great::

Hello! TGIF Everyone! The weather has officially starting into the crisp cool air of autumn and a little part of me is happy to dust off the boots and trench coats, but on the other hand I am really going to miss running out the door with a sundress and sandles… but it is that time of the year when all you want to do is pile on a bulky sweater, drink hot cider and read a good book! What are your favorite autumn traditions?

I have been working on creating our basement room into a bedroom/craft/office space and in the beginning planning process decided it was high time I create some small DIY artwork on canvas to add to my collection of my photography art I have planned for the space- mix thing’s up a bit… not all prints from my collection but a few new refreshed pieces of art to add to the beauty and make everything pop!

Without further ado…


What I used for this quick afternoon project- 2 8 X 10 Canvas’s- black spray paint I had left over from another project and just over 1 300 pack of gold thumb tacks : )


First I sprayed them both black making sure to get all 4 sides as well


Next I taped one with painters tape and created a chevron inspired design to spray with Krylon Gold Plate spray I had left over from the wine bottles I did for Amanda’s Bridal Shower last month!


Removed the tape and look at that! an easy DIY piece of art that will for sure add a pop once I get the room put together-


With the other I simply took a pencil and free-handed a cursive L and followed the line with the gold thumb tacks- followed by another row on top of the first and below the first lines creating a 3 row width and using a hammer to smooth down the edges of the tacks that were into the wooden frame- So simple and makes a bold statement!


Voila! More to come on the room later! I am in the process of redoing a desk and painting the room : )

Come back again soon for more DIY fun and I promise to get back into my fashion side as well!



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