Friday Wish List: Pinterest Styled::

Hello Darling’s! Happy Friday and thank goodness… it has been a long week filled with sickness and rain… in desperate need for some sunshine around here! Here are just a few of the many styles that caught my eye recently on Pinterest… if only I could just as easily add them to my collection as I can repin : ) Hope you all have a wonderful rain free weekend! If not cozy up with a nice warm blanket- grab your loved one and some cocoa and watch the leaves fall…

Darling Bee Pinning::




From right to left and top to bottom:

I need to find myself some cute fall/winter hats… I am loving this trend right now

Find myself a new olive trench coat… for some reason I cannot get enough of Olive right now : )

This Cozy sweater that I need for a nice fall walk with my hubby and Miller…

Monogrammed anything… I am liking the elegance of this bracelet… but I would prefer a necklace

The Naked 2 from Urban Decay…. just need to go out and get it

This amazing grey and sparkle manicure that would be perfect for the holiday’s ahead

A Michael Kors Black classic purse… if only I could….

This trend of adding lace under a long sweater or top… I would add some leggings… it is getting rather chilly here for bare legs

These amazing boots that are sold out… simply perfect!

See you next week…. enjoy!


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