UW Badger Hockey::

Hey! Quick weekend recap… Friday night Cory and I went to the UW Badger hockey game against NMU… my dad is a huge hockey fan and used to love to also play the game… so I have grown up in a hockey watching and loving family… well my dad’s birthday is right around the corner and what better than to get some tickets for the game and grab a pizza before to spend time as a family… we had such a great time…. even if the Badger’s lost… but the night and experience was one to remember…The rest of the weekend was spent storing our boat for the winter and lot’s of down time at home… Cory and I are both getting over being sick so were trying really hard to take it easy and fight the last little bit of sickness still left. Hope you have a fantastic week and I’ll see you back here for another exciting post!

Darling Bee Hockey::



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