Fall Date Inspiration::

Hello Lovelies, just wanted to jump in on this wonderful Wednesday and talk about a few ideas for your next date night/day… and hopefully you will have a great time and make lasting memories and stop by again to see me really soon!

*Nature Walk… either in a local park or just around your neighborhood

*Visit a Pumpkin Patch with your favorite hot drink

*Picnic lunch in the park or in your backyard….

*Winery to take a tour and sample some great tasting wine

*Campfire making s’mores and cuddling under a large flannel blanket

*Take a drive and stop and explore new places along the way

*Stay in and make your favorite meal together or bake something from scratch

*Rake the leaves in your yard into a huge pile and then jump in them (alway’s a favorite)

*Snuggle up with some popcorn and have a marathon of movies or a T.V. series

*Ask a friend or couple to join you and take some fall photographs as couples… you can each take a turn snapping a few shots of each other and capture some great memories along the way

Well I hope you find some fun and new things to do this fall… gotta love the layering and the colors…. here are a few snapshots from our sweetest day nature trip up north


fall colors




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