Need for a Slow Down::

Hello Darling’s! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season- NYE is tomorrow already! I am actually looking forward to slowing things down and taking a bit of a break… I have found myself to be a bit overwhelmed these last few day’s… need to really dig down and get to the real issue that seems to be bothering me. Don’t get me wrong I adore the Holiday’s and we had so many great times at parties and gatherings with all our family and friends… I even had a birthday on the 27th… another year older and really wanting to get a great start to it! Cory and I are planning a vacation to Mexico in the near future and for that I can not wait! Seems like the perfect place to unwind and relax and take plenty of walks on the beach!!

We were given the opportunity to take a trip up to Michigan over the holiday’s and lucky for us they actually had lots of snow! Loved driving through all the winding roads and looking at all the snow covered tree’s… simply stunning! Hope you all have a fantastic New Year’s Eve and a great start down the road of 2015! Happy New Year Everyone!

Darling Bee 2015::


Amazing View!


Let’s all start 2015 off the right way… take a new path : )


Some of the 6 dozen Christmas cookies that we made this Holiday Season! So yummy!!

See you back here in 2015!

Happy Birthday Mom::

Happy Monday Darling’s! Hope you are all getting your final shopping/wrapping and preparations done before Thursday! Today Is not only the start to a wonderful Holiday week but also my wonderful mother’s birthday! She is my best friend, my role model, and an amazing mother that I am so grateful to call mine! Being an only child we have always been very close, we have to get together at least once a week to have dinner and catch up with our lives…we talk on the phone pretty much daily and I am so blessed to have such an amazing relationship with both my mother and my father! Happy Birthday Mom! I can’t wait to celebrate at dinner tonight : )

I hope you all have an amazing Holiday week! We will be busy running around with final arrangements and just trying to slow down and enjoy the moments that we get to share with our family and friends! This past weekend was a bit crazy but yet so much fun! 3 more Holiday parties in the books from Friday and Saturday made for a very lazy Sunday! Yet leaves us all feeling very blessed!

Darling Bee Blessed::


Photo by

This is one of my all time favorite photo’s of my mom and I… just love it!!


Lucky Seven::

Hey! Today is an extra special day for Cory and I… before our lovely wedding in 2013 we were high school sweethearts dating and finding our path in life… Lucky for me I was able to get introduced to Cory through a mutual friend early December of ’07 and we have been together ever since! Today marks Seven years that we have been together… time flies! I am enjoying thinking back on all the good times, the bad, the memories, the trips, the houses, everything that we have been through so far has just brought us to where we are today. We have kind of grown up together in a sense and the fact that we still are so in love and have the same ideas for our future makes me smile on the inside… how did we get so lucky as to have found each other so early in life? We have both changed so much, yet we still fit together and for that I am going to be forever thankful! I can not wait to see where our path leads us next… I love you!

Darling Bee Lucky::


This was taken just 3 months after we started dating on a vacation to Florida : )

Still to this day this is one of my favorite pictures of the 2 of us! 2008^^^


Fast forward  3 years to 2011…. ^^^

DSC_0362 2

Our Wedding Day 6.1.13 ^^^


Present: NYC this Fall… amazing how much we have changed yet stayed the same! ^^


This Winter… 2014 ^^

All My Love- XOXO

Weekend Wrap Up::

Hello Darling’s! Christmas is only 10 day’s away!! With events/parties every night the month of December always goes by so quickly! We usually don’t ever have time to just sit down and relax… I am not complaining we had yet another amazing weekend- Hockey Game took a win this past Friday night! Saturday we had a lunch with my mother’s side of the family for my grandpa’s 89th birthday followed by a Christmas party at Cory’s father’s house! Sunday we made 6 dozen Christmas cookies that still need to be decorated… ill have to get to that this week : ) Sunday night we had dinner with my father’s side of the family for my grandma’s birthday celebration… lots of Birthday’s this time of year! My mom’s is coming up on the 22nd and mine follows close behind on the 27th… lots to be thankful for this time of year. So glad we are close with most of our family and that we can all get together to celebrate this time of year! Have a great week everyone! Finger’s crossed we get some more snow… most has melted around here and I really do love a white Christmas!

Darling Bee Busy::



Christmas Time::

Hello! This week is just flying by as usual for this time of year- dinner dates and party’s filling up the calendar… makes for a stressful time- but so worth it to spend the holidays with family and friends! I have the house all decorated, tree is up presents are all wrapped, garland is hung and this weekend ill start my Christmas cookie baking! Love this time of the year! Christmas is right around the corner and it makes me feel giddy like a little girl again! That’s the magic of Christmas in my eye’s! It also means my birthday! : ) what are you all doing to get ready for the holidays this year?!

Darling Bee Merry::

xmas tree

trees decor