Weekend Wrap Up::

Hello Darling’s! Christmas is only 10 day’s away!! With events/parties every night the month of December always goes by so quickly! We usually don’t ever have time to just sit down and relax… I am not complaining we had yet another amazing weekend- Hockey Game took a win this past Friday night! Saturday we had a lunch with my mother’s side of the family for my grandpa’s 89th birthday followed by a Christmas party at Cory’s father’s house! Sunday we made 6 dozen Christmas cookies that still need to be decorated… ill have to get to that this week : ) Sunday night we had dinner with my father’s side of the family for my grandma’s birthday celebration… lots of Birthday’s this time of year! My mom’s is coming up on the 22nd and mine follows close behind on the 27th… lots to be thankful for this time of year. So glad we are close with most of our family and that we can all get together to celebrate this time of year! Have a great week everyone! Finger’s crossed we get some more snow… most has melted around here and I really do love a white Christmas!

Darling Bee Busy::




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