Lucky Seven::

Hey! Today is an extra special day for Cory and I… before our lovely wedding in 2013 we were high school sweethearts dating and finding our path in life… Lucky for me I was able to get introduced to Cory through a mutual friend early December of ’07 and we have been together ever since! Today marks Seven years that we have been together… time flies! I am enjoying thinking back on all the good times, the bad, the memories, the trips, the houses, everything that we have been through so far has just brought us to where we are today. We have kind of grown up together in a sense and the fact that we still are so in love and have the same ideas for our future makes me smile on the inside… how did we get so lucky as to have found each other so early in life? We have both changed so much, yet we still fit together and for that I am going to be forever thankful! I can not wait to see where our path leads us next… I love you!

Darling Bee Lucky::


This was taken just 3 months after we started dating on a vacation to Florida : )

Still to this day this is one of my favorite pictures of the 2 of us! 2008^^^


Fast forward  3 years to 2011…. ^^^

DSC_0362 2

Our Wedding Day 6.1.13 ^^^


Present: NYC this Fall… amazing how much we have changed yet stayed the same! ^^


This Winter… 2014 ^^

All My Love- XOXO


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