Protein Shake::

Hello Darling’s! Sorry I have been a little MIA the last few days… we have had some family stuff going on so its been pretty hectic around here. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and a super Monday! I have been running around like a crazy person trying my best to get to the gym by 5:45 am during the week… today I shoveled the driveway and got to the gym by 6am for my workout… feels like I have had a full day in before I even arrive at work… It’s a great feeling… so accomplished! Trying to keep up the good work still holding strong at the 22 pounds lost : ) Today I wanted to quick share my morning protein shake with you… it is nothing fancy but I enjoy it and it tastes good! I have a blender bottle from Nature’s Way and I love it! It holds 16 OZ and can be re blended at any time… I add approximately 6OZ of vitamin enriched and calcium added orange juice with no pulp.. 2 tablespoons of aloe vera mixed berry flavor- 1 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder.. a handful of blueberries around 16 and frozen or fresh strawberries… blend it all up and you have yourself an enjoyable healthy morning treat!

Darling Bee Blending::


Another easy treat is just adding OJ, Strawberries and about 1/2 cup of sierra mist with cranberry splash- for a nighttime treat that isn’t going to break your healthy lifestyle…

we all need a little cheat day to keep sane!





Hello Lovelies! First off I am going to apologize for the Instagram images that I will be including in today’s blog post… I am still working on getting my camera up and running for our Mexico trip! I am proud to announce it has been 32 days so far with no heat on my hair- that’s right no blow-dryer, no flat-iron, no curling irons, etc… trying to use minimal products and my hair is loving me for it! It feels healthier, silky and has more shine… at least I feel like it does. It get’s difficult at times I will admit… wanting those perfect curls back or that straightness, but it is dry enough in the winter so I plan to not fry it any more than I would have to! I am trying to make it as far as I can…wish me luck darling! Hope you all are enjoying this mid-week mark and plan to finish the week off strong!

Darling Bee Shining::

hair 32 days

December 20th- ????

Also been going with the natural look- little to no makeup- trying to let my face breathe… & take a much needed break!

See you soon Darling!

Mexico Wish List::

Hello Darling’s, I am a bit behind today- decided it was high time to stop missing my gym “appointments” in the afternoons and just head there first thing in the morning.. So I made it happen- 5:30am woke up and headed to the gym to swim laps and it felt great- Planning on doing machine cardio tomorrow morning bright and early- followed by a wonderful homemade protein shake with lots of fresh fruits! Makes for a healthy kick-start to the day and a wonderful leaping off point for the rest of my week! Mexico is coming up fast and I need to start planning what I want/need to buy/pack so I decided its been a long time since my last wish list- October (ouch) it was definitely time for another one! What are you doing to stay on track?!

Darling Bee Planning::

1swimsuit 2essie 3oakley gretchen sunglasses

4neon 5hat 6sandles

7dress 8sunscreen 9skirt

From Left to Right: Top to Bottom:

This amazing strapless coral swimsuit I would love to add to my collection: Pinterest

White and Neon Manicure that is just what I have planned for my nail appointment coming up

Oakley Aviator sunglasses- my go to splurge a few years back!

This simple stunning Neon dress- hanging in the closet ready to be worn!!

Large black floppy hat- a must find (having the hardest time finding one I really love)

Sparkle Sandals… a must for any vacation!

This white and blue Lulu dress I wore for our anniversary in June- (no crime in wearing things more than once!)

Neutrogena sunscreen… trying this new break-out free kind… hoping it works the way I am expecting!

My latest obsession… this white crochet skirt from forever 21 that I bought and have yet to wear- perfect for a night out after a long beach day!

See you back here soon- have a great day lovelies!


Happy Monday! Back at it again- counting down till we will be sitting poolside in MEXICO! I am so tired of the harsh cold weather- dries my skin out and leaves me feeling pale… so I am looking forward to the sunshine! This weekend was birthday weekend and filled with lots of meals with family and spending time with friends… surprised myself and got most of the house cleaned and laundry done… so that was a major plus side! Friday I stopped by a local cupcake shop- Cupcake Couture and picked up a Rocky Road cupcake and a Birthday Cake Oreo cupcake for Cory and I to split for his birthday! So far we have just had the Rocky Road but it was fabulous! I would highly recommend the specialty cupcakes- and plan to try more flavors in the future! Have a fantastic week and I will see you back here soon! Thank you again to all of my followers- couldn’t do this without your support!

Darling Bee Sweetness::





Bundled Victory::

TGIF Darling! Today I want to wish you all a fantastic weekend and share a little something from this past Sunday… I was given the opportunity to go to a Packer Playoff Game VS the Dallas Cowboys and the Packers WON! 26-21 it was a balmy 22 degrees outside and the sun was shining the perfect weather for a winter playoff game! A large group tailgated and we all cheered on the Pack! We have another tough game this Sunday against Seattle… holding my breath until after the game on Sunday! Fingers Crossed Darlings!!

Today is not only a Friday in our household it is also my loving husbands Birthday!! We are planning a dinner out with family and friends followed by a Hockey Game! I am looking forward to a night of fun to help him celebrate!

Darling Bee Amazing::