Happy Healthy Life::

Darling’s! Hope you are all staying warm, it was -2 this morning and that makes for a tough time getting out of bed… luckily a warm shower always seems to help! I have decided that with the spirit of staying in resolutions and healthy lifestyle choices that I will continue my healthy path that I started January of 2014- It has been a year and I could not be more proud of how far I have come! 20 pounds lost and still going strong… don’t get me wrong I of course had my bumps in the road- no one is perfect and I am far from perfect! I have decided to also make sure my hair is healthy. I am going to use no heat on my hair for as long as I can go! No hair dryers, straighteners, curling wands/irons, crimpers (do we use those anymore?) or diffuser’s… I know you think I have lost my mind! I removed all the bleach/blonde from my hair and went dark- closer to my natural color and I plan on not going back until I have to… save money and give my poor hair a break… hoping that this will make for a new and improved me! One little change can make a world of a difference… ill keep you posted as I go! Would love to hear your feed back and any ideas you have that you would like to share! Also anything in particular you would like me to talk about/post in the new year! Thanks lovelies!

Darling Bee Healthy::


Next… to pick out a new nail color…. hmmm what one would you pick?!


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