Fruit Infused Water::

Happy Monday Darling’s! I just wanted to pop on here quick and share an amazing gift from my bestie Kirstie! She gave me this glass water bottle that holds any kind of fruit you want and infuses it into the water making for amazing orange, strawberry, pineapple you name it flavored water! This was an amazing amazon buy- there are many options out there… this is the only one I have tried but the weight of the bottle is awesome and it is very easy to clean… I am still trying to stick to my healthy lifestyle choices… 22 pounds lost! So I needed an easy way to spruce up my daily water intake… don’t get me wrong I love plain H20- but sometimes you crave something a little sweeter and I don’t want to reach for that can of soda… what are you doing to stay healthy?

Darling Bee H20::

AdNArt fruit water bottle

Adnart Fruit Water Bottle- she bought on Amazon! I have the black… they have tons of color choices! Happy Drinking Everyone!

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