Mexico Wish List::

Hello Darling’s, I am a bit behind today- decided it was high time to stop missing my gym “appointments” in the afternoons and just head there first thing in the morning.. So I made it happen- 5:30am woke up and headed to the gym to swim laps and it felt great- Planning on doing machine cardio tomorrow morning bright and early- followed by a wonderful homemade protein shake with lots of fresh fruits! Makes for a healthy kick-start to the day and a wonderful leaping off point for the rest of my week! Mexico is coming up fast and I need to start planning what I want/need to buy/pack so I decided its been a long time since my last wish list- October (ouch) it was definitely time for another one! What are you doing to stay on track?!

Darling Bee Planning::

1swimsuit 2essie 3oakley gretchen sunglasses

4neon 5hat 6sandles

7dress 8sunscreen 9skirt

From Left to Right: Top to Bottom:

This amazing strapless coral swimsuit I would love to add to my collection: Pinterest

White and Neon Manicure that is just what I have planned for my nail appointment coming up

Oakley Aviator sunglasses- my go to splurge a few years back!

This simple stunning Neon dress- hanging in the closet ready to be worn!!

Large black floppy hat- a must find (having the hardest time finding one I really love)

Sparkle Sandals… a must for any vacation!

This white and blue Lulu dress I wore for our anniversary in June- (no crime in wearing things more than once!)

Neutrogena sunscreen… trying this new break-out free kind… hoping it works the way I am expecting!

My latest obsession… this white crochet skirt from forever 21 that I bought and have yet to wear- perfect for a night out after a long beach day!

See you back here soon- have a great day lovelies!


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