Hello Lovelies! First off I am going to apologize for the Instagram images that I will be including in today’s blog post… I am still working on getting my camera up and running for our Mexico trip! I am proud to announce it has been 32 days so far with no heat on my hair- that’s right no blow-dryer, no flat-iron, no curling irons, etc… trying to use minimal products and my hair is loving me for it! It feels healthier, silky and has more shine… at least I feel like it does. It get’s difficult at times I will admit… wanting those perfect curls back or that straightness, but it is dry enough in the winter so I plan to not fry it any more than I would have to! I am trying to make it as far as I can…wish me luck darling! Hope you all are enjoying this mid-week mark and plan to finish the week off strong!

Darling Bee Shining::

hair 32 days

December 20th- ????

Also been going with the natural look- little to no makeup- trying to let my face breathe… & take a much needed break!

See you soon Darling!


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