60 Day’s Still No Heat::

Hey! Today I am excited to share it is day 60 of my no heat plan!! Still moving forward and loving the results… I am going to put myself out there for you all today… I have one of my night routines… which includes photo’s with no makeup… yes that is right… I am including photo’s with no makeup for the world to see… I have been breaking out due to going from the harsh winter to sunny warm Mexico for the last 2 weeks, getting home to the cold also means a shock to your skin… drying everything out and causing breakouts. I am usually pretty lucky in that department, but I am only human and breakout’s do happen… thank’s for stopping by darling! Enjoy!

Step 1::

On dry hair (preferably not newly washed) I coated my roots to tips with a mixture of half organic coconut oil/half olive oil… olive oil helping with silk and shine and dryness- coconut oil for moistening and protective coating (I am in no way an expert this is just in my own opinion) after coating I placed in a bun and covered for a minimum of 30 min… the longer you leave it the better!

IMG_8226  IMG_8238


Step 2::

After at least 30 min- wash hair with light shampoo and conditioner… brush out gently with a wide toothed comb, next divide hair into 2 sections and braid each side in a loose french braid… after which I cross over my head and pin to keep in place overnight…

IMG_8276  IMG_8284

Sorry no makeup and ridiculous hair calls for a crazy facial expression (please forgive me!)


Step 3::

Finish your nightly routine apply acne spot treatment, toner, moisturizer etc. Get your beauty ZZZZZZ’s and wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated : )  Fast forward to the morning and start your routine… make-up applications, moisturizer, leaving your hair braided until your ready for the day! Take out the braids and comb through with fingers and enjoy! Loving this easy no heat, no product hair style!

IMG_8295  IMG_8311


Have a great rest of your day!

Darling Bee Healthy::


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