My Masterpiece::

Hey Everyone! It is finally warming up around here and I am so ready to ditch the boots and the winter jackets- spring is so close I can feel it! I am finally getting around to creating this post… when fall rolled around I was feeling inspired and creative so I thought I would try out a new project- painting… yeah I was a little unsure but figured it was worth a try, since really a small canvas is not very expensive and I could always paint over it if it really turned out terrible… so I got up the courage and I started creating!


First I took my blank canvas (bought at hobby lobby- I decided on a 14×16) outside and spray painted the outer edges black


Second I applied a thin random lines of glue all over the canvas- once that was dry I applied another layer of glue in the spots I would like gold leaf… Let that dry and then gently brushed away the remainder of the gold leaf



Third I got ready to paint! I used acrylic oil paints from hobby lobby


I picked grey- white- black- blue- dark green and light green



and the work continues : ) starting to really take shape


I decided to take it down a notch and use a white wash over the entire painting


the finished piece!!


another view of the final piece!

Darling Bee Unique::


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