Beauty Series:: Part 4::

Darlings! Happy Monday! I have part 4 of my 5 part beauty series attached for you to all see… we have finally hit the official first day of spring!! I am so excited to get back outside on bike rides and taking Miller for long walks… the promise of summer is right around the corner! Today I will be sharing more  of my shower routine… enjoy!


ISO Color Preserve Cleanse is my shampoo of choice…leaves my hair feeling clean and not full of buildup

ISO Color Preserve Condition is an amazing conditioner that I use mostly on my ends to keep them feeling healthy

Feeling like I should be trying some of the other ISO products??!


thoughts?! anyone else use this line…


Devoted So Naughty Nude is my go to lotion- it has a slight bronzing agent and also had an amazing moisturizing effect!


I am a fan of having a fun shower gel from Bath & Body Works to keep things light and fun and ever changing!!

More on my beauty series later this week!


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