Hi! I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday and are looking forward to the start of 2016! I know I am excited… 2016 will make my family into a family of three once we welcome our little one into the world! Cory and I went in for our 20 week ultrasound and it was even more amazing that I expected! To be able to see all the details, kidneys, brain, spine in addition to the normal: toes, hands, arms, legs and of course profile/body is sooo beyond amazing! We have a healthy baby that looks to be about 8 days ahead of schedule, with a bit of a larger head (just means they are going to be that much smarter haha) We got to take photos of the little peanut home and one is already framed in the nursery! Every week we seem to add something little to the nursery: this week was the crib bedding and I love how it looks! That is it for today, I will be back soon with more baby updates! Enjoy your New Years Eve and I will see you back here in 2016!

2015-12-23 12.45.11

2015-12-23 12.47.02

20 Weeks:: Half Way::

Hello! I can’t believe its the week of Christmas already! We have so many fun parties, dinners and events the next few weeks and I am so excited for each and everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your week, we are still anxiously awaiting snow to fall and stick! Still nothing… but we are still feeling beyond grateful for this little bundle that seems to be hitting a growth spurt the last week or two! We have our big 20 week ultrasound tonight and I am soooo excited to see our little peanut! I hope to share some photos later this week! In the mean time hope you all have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

2015-12-21 19.46.18

19 Weeks::

Darling’s: just a little update 19 weeks! Almost half way! We are getting anxious for the holiday’s it is such an amazing time of year. we are really looking forward to some snow- it has only been rain for days and it just doesn’t quite feel like Christmas time without it… however I am loving listening to Christmas music and lighting up the lights! I am finally getting to the point where people can notice I am pregnant with normal clothes on, so happy to finally have a noticeable bump- plus I got my appetite back finally and it has been wonderful being able to eat something other than tater tots and mac and cheese! Hope you are all preparing for the holiday season and get to do everything you want to! More soon!

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