10 Year’s Later::

Hello! I can’t believe Christmas is only 5 day’s away! Every year I am ready with all my shopping, wrapping, baking, decorating by the beginning of December as I wait for the magical day! I love spending everyday with my sweetie, but there is just something amazing about watching the season through a child’s eyes! That being said, once we hit December not only does it mean Christmas and my Birthday are right around the corner… but also the day that Cory and I started dating wayyy back in high school! I know it may seem silly to some, once you get married your supposed to stop celebrating your “dating” anniversary. However, we celebrate the same way since our One year, dinner at Olive Garden. Yes it it extremely simple, but its a tradition and I love it! This year on December 16th we celebrated 10 years together! Wow time really does fly by! We have been through so much together. Graduating high school, apartment living (shortly), living with my parents for a month (love you mom and dad), moving into our first house, having a dog, two cats, traveling as much as we could, countless jobs, engagement, buying a new house, renovations and home improvements, marriage, and of course the birth of our daughter Lydia! I can only imagine what the next 10 plus years will bring our way! I feel so blessed to have the life I live, and he makes it a whole lot more fun!

Throwing it back to our first vacation together 3 month’s after we started dating!08


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