Kissing It Good-Bye::

Hello Lovely’s! Happy Tuesday to everyone! I just wanted to reach out with a quick update! Pregnancy is going well, food aversions are finally leaving for the most part! Craving chocolate cake with chocolate frosting but only allowing myself a few bites a day if any haha. We started the potty training nightmare last monday and she successfully went potty the first day, however it seemed to go downhill with accidents and then all together just wanting nothing to do with the potty. So we decided to take a week break and try again. She is only 20 month’s, just hoping she will be trained by her second birthday in May and out of diapers for good before baby number 2 arrives this summer. This weekend Cory and I worked on getting her big girl bed toddler proofed! We moved it to the corner of the room nice and tight to the one wall and put a toddler rail by her head. She successfully took her first 30 min nap yesterday afternoon! (it’s a start!) Today as I am writing this post she has been sleeping for 1 hour in her big girl bed! Were getting somewhere! I plan to keep doing her daily nap in the big girl room and then eventually in the next hopefully few weeks transfer her completely! Wish us luck! Hope you all have a good week and stay warm, we have been living in the house as everyone outside seems to still be sick and it’s just so darn cold! I will share the most recent photo from my pregnancy as Lydia is helping me kiss the first trimester goodbye! She gives the baby (my belly) kisses daily and points at my growing bump saying Baby everyday and it just melts my heart!


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