16 Weeks and Her Big Girl Bed

Hello and happy Friday to everyone! Today I am 16 weeks pregnant with number 2! We all went in to see the doctor and finally after 2 month’s got to see Baby again! Growing strong and moving around like crazy! He/She was laying on his/her belly with fingers near the mouth! We got to see the spin, little fingers and of course the baby in general! I am already counting down to my next appointment in a month to have our ultrasound and find out the gender! In other exciting news Lydia has continued to nap in her big girl bedroom bed for the last 2 and a half weeks! We decided last night it was time to try an all nighter! She did absouletly amazing! She never cried or crawled out, we tucked her in and turned on her night light and shut the door. She was asleep within 10 minutes and slept all night long. She let out a quick cry at about 1:30am but was back asleep within a minute! We are so very proud of the little girl she is becoming! We will continue to work on potty training, she is getting the hang of the sign language needed so that will help a lot! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Follow along on Instagram for more daily updates! IMG_06591

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