18 Week’s::

Hello! Happy weekend to you all! We are moving right along with this pregnancy! Seems to be flying by this time around. I suppose it has something to do with chasing a toddler around all day! Anxiously waiting for 20 weeks when we will finally find out the gender! We are having a small family get together to reveal the gender. Our neighbor has been so kind to offer to fill the balloon with the correct color confetti so both Cory and I can be surprised along with all of our family members! Lydia and I are trying to get out the house a little more. Walking around places like Hobby Lobby waiting on spring! We try to go to an open gym for her to run around and play once a week or at least a few times a month. She loves it and it wears her right out, which is a plus for this no energy pregnant mama! Last weekend our master shower got tiled and I am obsessed with how its turning out! Just have to get the door on and I’ll make sure to post a photo next time when it’s all done! I have gained 4 pounds and am craving sweet’s like nobody’s business! So unlike me I am usually not a sweet eating person! Just picked up a new set of bed sheets for Lydia and had to get some of the Easter Starburst Jellybean’s… every time I go in the kitchen I eat one or two… it was not my greatest plan! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! The weather is slowly warming up, but not quite enough for my liking just yet! I will be back soon for a shower update and more!

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