Fall is Here::

Hello! Wow,  it has been a while again. Lyla is almost 3 month’s already! Lydia will be 2.5 in a few weeks and time is not showing any signs of slowing down. We have been so busy with little family trips to door county and up north. Lyla got baptized last weekend and Cory is still going out of town here and there for work trips. Lyla is such a great addition to the family and is nursing like a champ. She however, does not like to take a bottle… we try and give her 4oz once a day to keep her used to them as best as we can. Fall is in full swing, leaves are changing the weather is getting chilly and my photo sessions are happening weekly! Getting ready for Lyla’s first Halloween and I secretly can’t wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas! I am over half way done Christmas shopping already! I can’t help it!! I am so excited to see both my girl’s celebrating the Holiday’s together! I do however need a few gift idea’s for Lyla to help make her first Christmas special! The girl’s are brand representatives for eight Instagram small shops and we love the community of people that we have met during this adventure! We are so blessed to work with some amazing shops and mama’s! I will try and update more often, life just happens and sometimes thing’s like my blog get pushed to the back burner as life keeps rolling!

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