6 Month’s Old::

Life sure get’s busy with 2 kiddos! I am not sure how parents of 3,4,5 children do it! Props to you all! We have had a great holiday season, and a recent family trip to Mexico. Lyla is 6 month’s old and sitting up! Eating solids and sleeping through the night! Praise! Lydia is fully potty trained! Whew! Needless to say we have been busy! Also I started selling Young Living essential oils, so any free time is used to work! We are already looking forward to spring and some warm weather. We have been getting dumped on with snow, icy rain and lots of wind. Yuck! Pretty much been home bodies to try and keep everyone from getting sick for the 2nd or 3rd time this year. On a positive note I was able to nurse Lyla for the full 6 month’s! Such a bittersweet ending. My baby is growing up and my toddler is becoming more and more independent. Attitude is starting to appear and we are doing our best to show her the way’s of continuing to be such a sweet girl! I did recently go on a mother daughter date to Disney on Ice with Lydia! She had so much fun watching and dancing to the music! Follow along on my instagram stories for more daily milestones and videos! IMG_24631.JPG

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