Xo::Angel Kisses::

Fall is Here::

Hello! Wow,  it has been a while again. Lyla is almost 3 month’s already! Lydia will be 2.5 in a few weeks and time is not showing any signs of slowing down. We have been so busy with little family trips to door county and up north. Lyla got baptized last weekend and Cory is still going out of town here and there for work trips. Lyla is such a great addition to the family and is nursing like a champ. She however, does not like to take a bottle… we try and give her 4oz once a day to keep her used to them as best as we can. Fall is in full swing, leaves are changing the weather is getting chilly and my photo sessions are happening weekly! Getting ready for Lyla’s first Halloween and I secretly can’t wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas! I am over half way done Christmas shopping already! I can’t help it!! I am so excited to see both my girl’s celebrating the Holiday’s together! I do however need a few gift idea’s for Lyla to help make her first Christmas special! The girl’s are brand representatives for eight Instagram small shops and we love the community of people that we have met during this adventure! We are so blessed to work with some amazing shops and mama’s! I will try and update more often, life just happens and sometimes thing’s like my blog get pushed to the back burner as life keeps rolling!



Lyla Jeane::

Hello! We have our newest baby girl and we are all settled in at home as a family of four! Lyla Jeane was born Friday July 20th at 11:55am weighing 7lbs 6oz and 20 inches long. We are so blessed with another beautiful baby girl! Lydia is already the best big sister, holding her, hugs, kisses and lots of sharing and singing! We are so relieved to see how much she adores her and keeps watch over her already. Lyla is already 1 week old and it seems impossible! Time really does go faster as you get older and it seems the more children you have as well! I am still in baby bliss and I have to remind myself she is actually here in our arms! She is such a good baby, a little colic at night but were hoping its just an adjustment to being home. One day at a time, we may be tired, but I know these day’s don’t last long so I want to soak them in while I can! IMG_26161IMG_29471IMG_29771IMG_28531


38 Weeks:: Final Countdown::

Hello! I am still in shock we can have another baby girl in just a few more days! Time of my second pregnancy sure went fast! Chasing a toddler and being ready to pop is exhausting and no joke! Looking forward to finally getting to snuggle both my girls! I am so excited to finally meet our newest addition, yet terrified of going from 1 to 2. Lydia has  been our world for the last 2 year’s and she is still a total mama’s girl so I have a feeling the adjustment is going to be big. I know she is excited for sister and kisses my belly, but the reality is she doesn’t know what is going to happen once baby is actually here! One day at a time is all we can expect at this point. I am trying to clean the house slowly each day and trying to get in as much sleep at night as possible to prepare myself for what is to come. Give us all the strength! We are feeling so blessed to have made it full term on yet another healthy pregnancy and wish all who are struggling all our love and support! Here are our family maternity photos at week 34 into my weekly 35-38 photos! IMG_92662IMG_93312IMG_92951IMG_93821IMG_97572IMG_13761IMG_14101IMG_18861IMG_23844IMG_24014


33 Week’s::

Happy Weekend Everyone I am currently 33 weeks prego, baby girl is the size of a pineapple! I am getting more and more uncomfortable, harder to carry Lydia around and sit on the floor with her playing. Braxton hicks are getting stronger but still far apart. Just hoping we get at least 6 more weeks before she arrives. I am trying to soak in as much of Lydia as I can before we become a family of 4 next month! This pregnancy is going by so fast, chasing a toddler around sure makes things interesting! I am gaining weight on track or so my doctor says. Every time we hear her heartbeat she is happy and excited and usually right around 156-160 bpm! I will get to hear her heartbeat again next week, it is one of the best sounds! Lydia helped me finalize the nursery this week, I drew and painted a bunny and made a homemade heart for above her crib. We also found some artwork at Hobby Lobby for above the diaper changing table/dresser. These next 6/7 weeks are going to fly by! Enjoy your weekend! Lydia is giving sister kisses daily and loves to talk and read to sister! Just melts my heart every time! 



8 Month’s:: 5 Year’s::

Hello Lovelies! Hope everyone is enjoying some time outside in the beautiful weather we have been having! Seriously I blinked and its been another two weeks, 32 weeks today! Went to the doctor this morning to check on baby girl and she was moving around like crazy! All day everyday this baby is on the move! Heard the heartbeat and all is measuring right on track! We are so anxious to meet our newest addition next month! Today also happens to be our 5 year wedding anniversary! Wow seems like just yesterday we were walking down the isle. How do we have a two year old and another one expected in 8 weeks or less! Feeling very blessed and thankful! Today I was given a great gift, the gift of freedom. Being a stay at home mom is amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! However sometimes it is just easier to run into a place or have a lunch without trying to keep a toddler entertained, especially at 8 month’s pregnant! My mother in law offered to take Lydia for the day so I could go to the doctor, meet my mom for a nice grownup lunch and get a pedicure! I just got home with happy feet and started to pack, we are leaving tomorrow to take a trip with my parent’s to the Milwaukee Zoo. One last little family getaway before baby girl arrives and I get too big to move! Cory and I plan to head out to eat just the two of us this evening to celebrate before picking up Lydia! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Ill post another update very soon!



30 Weeks:

Hello! It is finally warm most day’s and Lydia and I have been outside as much as possible! It is so hard to believe this weekend is already memorial day! Where did the month of May go?? Well I am officially 7.5 months or 30 weeks pregnant. Up until yesterday I was feeling pretty darn good. I now am having sciatica in my right leg to the point that it hurts me to walk. Hoping some at home stretches and some added heat and relaxation will help settle the pain. We have a busy summer planned and it starts this weekend! I feel like we have something going on almost every weekend right up until my due date. I honestly have a hard time not being busy… especially when its warm outside! We did another mother daughter(s) photo session last week to mark 30 weeks! I still am in awe of how sweet Lydia already is to her sister (my belly) she loves to cover her with blankets, sing and read to her and shower her with kisses! I am just hoping this affection will continue once she is actually here with us! 


Lydia is TWO!

Hello! Lydia turned two last week and I can’t believe it! She is turning into such a little lady! Growing up so fast right before our eyes! She is so gentle and caring and loves to give hugs and kisses! She is still a mama’s girl, but get’s very excited when dada get’s home from work. She is obsessed with anything to do with Outside! We go to the park almost daily to “slide” and she loves bubbles and chalk! This summer is going to be so much fun, now that she is running around and talking more and more each day! We celebrated her actual birthday by going to open gym, lunch with gramma and grampa, a visit to grandma’s work. Trip to the park and dinner out with daddy. Then we went to let her pick out a new toy before heading home to bed! She ate lot’s of ice cream and had an amazing day! The weekend we held her second birthday party at the house and it was sunny and 75! She had about 14 little friend’s over and lots of family! She spend the day eating pasta salad and ice cream, running around outside and swinging with friends! She opened her present’s and had such a great time! We love her so much and can’t wait to see what the next year brings! IMG_45381.1IMG_46041IMG_5237120180503_153322IMG_53311IMG_55021IMG_55331


7 Month’s::

Hello, I want to rewind and update you all… I have been so busy with prep for Lydia’s 2nd Birthday and just everyday life I forgot to update! I am currently 28 weeks pregnant with baby girl number 2! Wow seriously the time is flying by! I went to my glucose test appointment last week and passed.. I have never been so happy about passing a test in my life! With having GDiebetes when I was pregnant with Lydia I know how hard it can be. Life with a toddler is contant on the go and sometimes makes it impossible to meal prep. I am up 17 pounds and still feeling the lack of energy otherwise feeling great! I am just counting down until we get to hold baby girl and have Lydia finally take on her role as Big Sister! She is already kissing my belly and saying sister! We are slowly refreshing the nursery for her. Cory painted one wall mint and we picked up some new sheets and I plan to make some artwork for the wall above the crib. Keeping it all very simple but yet its a nice change. I am still craving sweets and orange juice everyday.. and I continue to eat egg’s almost every morning for breakfast which is something new this pregnancy. Ill write another post soon on Lydia’s 2nd Birthday Celebration! IMG_20180403_151116_055 6 Month’sIMG_44041






26 Weeks and 25 inches of melting Snow!IMG_55481 










7 Month’s!










Hello! I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with baby girl number 2! We have had an interesting couple of weeks around our house. Lydia got a little skin infection and her antibiotics have been messing with her sleep big time! However the good news is she has officially been pacifier free for 2 whole weeks! I can’t believe she will be 2 in just over a month! Still working at potty training, but I havn’t been pushing too hard as I don’t want to scare her! She sleeps for 1 nap (usually) and the entire night in her big girl bed! We are slowly organizing the nursery and adding a few new touches, I think I have finally decided the accent wall should be mint to go with the already grey walls and yellow curtains! So excited to see how it will turn out. Easter is Sunday and we have a full fun packed day planned with family. From church to egg hunts, brunch and dinner we have everything covered! Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of spring and have a wonderful Easter! IMG_20180323_153432_663.jpg


20 Weeks and Gender Reveal!

Hello! I am so excited to announce I am officially halfway through this pregnancy and we decided to find out the gender this time around! We had a family reveal party with a very large balloon that my husband popped and we are so excited to be having another beautiful baby girl! I had a gut feeling for weeks it was a girl, but I wouldn’t know for sure until the big reveal the day after our ultrasound! Baby girl is doing well, growing right on track 12 oz and 147 bpm heartbeat! We are overjoyed she is healthy and continuing to grow! IMG_22682IMG_23931IMG_23951IMG_24141


18 Week’s::

Hello! Happy weekend to you all! We are moving right along with this pregnancy! Seems to be flying by this time around. I suppose it has something to do with chasing a toddler around all day! Anxiously waiting for 20 weeks when we will finally find out the gender! We are having a small family get together to reveal the gender. Our neighbor has been so kind to offer to fill the balloon with the correct color confetti so both Cory and I can be surprised along with all of our family members! Lydia and I are trying to get out the house a little more. Walking around places like Hobby Lobby waiting on spring! We try to go to an open gym for her to run around and play once a week or at least a few times a month. She loves it and it wears her right out, which is a plus for this no energy pregnant mama! Last weekend our master shower got tiled and I am obsessed with how its turning out! Just have to get the door on and I’ll make sure to post a photo next time when it’s all done! I have gained 4 pounds and am craving sweet’s like nobody’s business! So unlike me I am usually not a sweet eating person! Just picked up a new set of bed sheets for Lydia and had to get some of the Easter Starburst Jellybean’s… every time I go in the kitchen I eat one or two… it was not my greatest plan! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! The weather is slowly warming up, but not quite enough for my liking just yet! I will be back soon for a shower update and more!


16 Weeks and Her Big Girl Bed::

Hello and happy Friday to everyone! Today I am 16 weeks pregnant with number 2! We all went in to see the doctor and finally after 2 month’s got to see Baby again! Growing strong and moving around like crazy! He/She was laying on his/her belly with fingers near the mouth! We got to see the spin, little fingers and of course the baby in general! I am already counting down to my next appointment in a month to have our ultrasound and find out the gender! In other exciting news Lydia has continued to nap in her big girl bedroom bed for the last 2 and a half weeks! We decided last night it was time to try an all nighter! She did absouletly amazing! She never cried or crawled out, we tucked her in and turned on her night light and shut the door. She was asleep within 10 minutes and slept all night long. She let out a quick cry at about 1:30am but was back asleep within a minute! We are so very proud of the little girl she is becoming! We will continue to work on potty training, she is getting the hang of the sign language needed so that will help a lot! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Follow along on Instagram for more daily updates! IMG_06591


Kissing It Good-Bye::

Hello Lovely’s! Happy Tuesday to everyone! I just wanted to reach out with a quick update! Pregnancy is going well, food aversions are finally leaving for the most part! Craving chocolate cake with chocolate frosting but only allowing myself a few bites a day if any haha. We started the potty training nightmare last monday and she successfully went potty the first day, however it seemed to go downhill with accidents and then all together just wanting nothing to do with the potty. So we decided to take a week break and try again. She is only 20 month’s, just hoping she will be trained by her second birthday in May and out of diapers for good before baby number 2 arrives this summer. This weekend Cory and I worked on getting her big girl bed toddler proofed! We moved it to the corner of the room nice and tight to the one wall and put a toddler rail by her head. She successfully took her first 30 min nap yesterday afternoon! (it’s a start!) Today as I am writing this post she has been sleeping for 1 hour in her big girl bed! Were getting somewhere! I plan to keep doing her daily nap in the big girl room and then eventually in the next hopefully few weeks transfer her completely! Wish us luck! Hope you all have a good week and stay warm, we have been living in the house as everyone outside seems to still be sick and it’s just so darn cold! I will share the most recent photo from my pregnancy as Lydia is helping me kiss the first trimester goodbye! She gives the baby (my belly) kisses daily and points at my growing bump saying Baby everyday and it just melts my heart!




Hello! It is finally time to let our secret out! We are expecting baby number 2 this July! After a rocky and very nauseous first three months, with weight loss, exhaustion and food aversions, I am finally getting into my second trimester and thank goodness! I am in the process of potty training Lydia, mean while visiting the doctor and still trying to overcome the sickness from the end of December with no medication. I heard baby’s heartbeat at 11 weeks and 3 days a strong 160’s! Saw the baby at week 8 and am anxiously awaiting my next appointment at 16 weeks! We decided to not find out the gender of our first born (Lydia), but have decided that this time around we will find out and have a small family gender reveal! Word’s cannot express how excited I am to be fortunate enough to have another, but a part of me will still be nervous and scared to take on two babes. We plan to take thing’s one day at a time and adjust accordingly, we are already getting Lydia comfortable with “baby in my belly.” She even points at my belly and say’s baby and after every nap, every morning she kisses baby while standing in her crib!! We love both of these little one’s so much and after having a previous miscarriage before Lydia and having some family history of miscarriage, I am feeling extremely blessed to have already made it to the second trimester with this one! I will be posting more pregnancy, toddler updates soon! Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!


12 Day’s of Christmas::

Hello, Thought I would pop on again real quick and wish everyone a safe and wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. We have soo much jam packed into the next 2 weeks and it all starts tomorrow! I am so excited! This year is going to be even more amazing than last with Lydia running around and actually unwrapping her own presents with wonder and excitement! I thought I would share just a few photos from my 12 day’s of Christmas series I did on Facebook and Instagram. Head over to my Instagram darlingbeebeautiful or Lydibug Photography on Facebook to see the rest! IMG_62751IMG_93081IMG_29392IMG_27381



Yearly Traditions::

Hello! I thought I would stop over and share a few quick photo’s with you! Every year my mother and I take a girl’s holiday shopping trip to Milwaukee. We started this year’s ago and it has evolved to Lydia of course joining us! The last three year’s we have taken a similar photo in the hotel, watching the changes is amazing year to year! We started back when I was 16 weeks pregnant with Lydia, she was the size of an Avocado and we never did find out her gender, until birth! The following year she was 6 month’s old and starting to eat more solids, sleeping all through the night and sleeping like a champ in her stroller! This year Lydia was 18 month’s old and running around all over the place! She enjoyed exploring all the stores and eating ALL the yummy foods! We even did room service and watched a movie all snuggled in our Christmas jammies! Each year is a new exciting adventure, excited to see what the next year brings! Screenshot_20161120-093407.pngIMG_0290.jpgIMG_48271


Holiday Cheer::

Hello, I know I know it has been wayyy too long! Day’s have been flying by and the blog got lost in the dust! I have every intention to continue again! I miss posting and most of all I can’t seem to remember thing’s as well “mom brain forever?” so this is a great place to write thoughts and stories that I can look back on when my sweetie is all grown up! I have tried to keep a journal… I did really well writing each week of pregnancy and the first month after Lydia was born, continuing once a month until she turned one year. Also I did a entry when she first really started to walk and a 18 month entry. However what about all the day to day things I don’t want to forget?! I have Instagram for little pieces of daily life and Facebook… but is there such a thing as oversharing? The blog is a place that people can come if they care enough to read, if not… well it will be here for me to look back on and see how much my life has already changed! That being said Lydia is 19 months old and such a joy! I am an obsessive mama photographer that wants to capture her every move and see seems to enjoy being in front of the camera! With the holiday’s starting up and Christmas right around the corner I am taking so many holiday photo’s it made ordering our Christmas cards super hard! Could not make up my mind… too many cute photo options! I am hoping to start some new (for us) Christmas traditions now that Lydia is getting older. We are hoping to enjoy the Garden of Lights at the Botanical Garden this year, also I have never and am actually very excited to make our first ginger bread house! The house is all decorated and the tree is trimmed, stockings are hung waiting for St. Nick to come tonight! We have parties planned every weekend until the end of January and I am loving it! This is one of the most magical times of the year! We plan to keep Christmas gift’s simple. Cory and I prefer to put the money toward traveling.. (planning a family road trip for new years) and I really don’t want to overwhelm Lydia with a bunch of thing’s she will play with for a day and then forget. That being said the whole something they Want, Need, Wear, Read and something from Santa is where we are at! Thank’s to a friend I came across Usborne Book’s about 9 months ago and since then have hosted a party and gotten about 30 books to grow her Library. I set aside a few to wrap as her Read. Want/Santa is a little people princess castle that we are sure will be a huge hit! Need is a new potty and potty watch for potty training in January! Wear is some new jammies and a new pretty cotton dress for church! I really want to teach her to joy’s of giving and spreading kindness as she continues to grow! What are some of your favorite Holiday Traditions?!

Catch Up::

Hi Darling’s… I know I know, it has been a few months! Lydia is 6 months old and I am way behind… I need to do a little catch up before the crazy holiday’s start up tomorrow! Lydia is our greatest adventure she is an amazing baby.. we are so lucky! She eats 3 “solid” meals a day, sleeps 8pm-8am and hardly ever cries. She naps once in the morning and then just little 20 min cat naps through out the rest of the day. She smiles all the time, loves the camera and enjoys watching her fur brother roam the house. She is sitting up on her own and learning to roll from her back to her tummy (she rolled stomach to back at 8 weeks, and has rolled from her back to her stomach.. but were still working on that one.) She isn’t quite ready to crawl yet, but that is alright, she will get there soon enough. Lydia also has 2 bottom middle teeth and enjoys playing with her toes, and putting them in her mouth. She does the most amazing belly laughs, and “talks” all the time! We love our sweet pea more than words can say!! Here are a few monthly photos, to get you caught up!



One Month::

Hello! I am still in shock at how fast time is going… Lydia is already a month old. We headed to the doctor today for her one month wellness check and her shot “poor baby” I was “that” mother crying during her shot. Lydia did great all things considered. Our lives have changed so much in this past month, everything revolves around our sweet baby girl and her needs and I wouldn’t want it any other way! To remember how tiny she was I took a few photos and even included some milestones and likes, dislikes to remember for years to come. Happy one month baby girl- you are our world!



Weekly Update::

Hi Darling’s! Just wanted to reach out and give you a little update.. we have been crazy busy raising Lydia. She is still such a great baby! Last night she co-slept with us for 7 hours straight! Midnight till 7 am! Wow! She is growing fast and already has more clothing than me! We are loving our daily walks and keeping busy around the house with lots of snuggles! Here are a few more weekly photos… I know I am a bit behind but Lydia is my top priority at this moment! 


Week 2: First tutu ever! Thanks Grandma!




Week 3: Fresh Lilacs: Adorable!


Our Sweet Baby Girl: 3 weeks old


Family Photo before our friend Alexa’s wedding


This Sweet L I made for Lydia’s Nursery- more on that another day!


First Holiday- Memorial Day- Loving this adorable romper!


Lydia Grace::

Hello! We welcomed a beautiful baby girl Tuesday May 3rd, 2016. Born at 8:19 am weighing 8lbs and 20 inches long full head of dark hair and long eyelashes! We are so in love! Lydia has been home for almost a week and everyday is more amazing! I had an amazing first mothers day… still can’t believe we have a daughter. She is absolutely perfect! She is alert and loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy… not a fan of bath time yet. She is a good eater and has been sleeping 6 hours through the night.. just crazy! We are extremely lucky and blessed to have Lydia in our lives! She made us a family and we will forever be grateful! She is peacefully sleeping next to me and I just keep looking over and smiling- she is just so tiny.. She is wearing newborn clothing and sleep sacks are an amazing invention! Well more later! Here are a few photos of our sweet Lydia at one week old!



37 Weeks::

Hello! Spring is finally here and we are days away from meeting our little bundle! The nursery is set, we had the second baby shower this past weekend and it was a huge success… love seeing everyone and hearing all about how excited they are for baby to arrive. Everyone (Cory and I especially) are anxiously awaiting to discover if baby is a boy or girl! We have washed and folded everything and I think I have reorganized the room a hundred times. The carpet in the basement has been installed and the playroom has toys and books ready to go! Ready…Set…Baby!



35 Weeks::

Darling’s I am 35 weeks and feeling more ready than ever! Been craving fruit like crazy and fajitas… plus I still cant seem to get enough peanut butter! Baby is getting crazy low at this point and the swelling has really started to take effect in my ankles and feet. I just feel puffy all together… all part of the miracle of creating a new life! Hospital tour has been completed. Car seat is installed and the room is all organized. Our hospital bags are all packed and ready to go… any time now little one! 

35 weeks.jpg


Baby Shower #1::

Hi! This past weekend we celebrated my little bundle with family…lots of laughs, great food and sweets and of course loving gifts to help us welcome our baby into this world! We did a ready to pop theme with banner, bags of chocolate popcorn and tootsie pops… a baby bottle filled with kernels to “guess how many” it was a lot of fun! The weather wasn’t sure what it wanted to do, its April and we are getting sunshine, wind and snow all in the same afternoon… we are soo ready for spring to actually arrive and stick around! Only a few more weeks until May!! 



Easter is Here::

Darling’s: it has been a while since I have really sat down and talked through what is going on… we are getting closer and closer to may, and we really could not be more excited! I will say that the last trimester has been the hardest for me by far… it has really been an emotional roller coaster and full of anxiety. Gestational diabetes is the hardest thing I have had to go through up to this point in my pregnancy. Seems no matter how hard I try to meal prep, eat healthier, and cut out all the bad things we are not supposed to eat the more I  struggle. Don’t get my wrong I know this is what the baby and I need at this point, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Things I used to take for granted I miss… just   being able to eat what I want when I want it.. I don’t mean eating a whole pizza followed by a bunch of ice cream. I just mean not having to wait till 2 hours after a meal to test my blood sugars and then have a small snack. If I really want an orange or even a cookie for that matter I shouldn’t have to feel guilty. Instead I just shrug it off and ignore that cookie, and wait till I can eat my orange for an afternoon snack. I would not wish this situation on anyone. I know that there are lots of worst things and that to some people what I am going through would be a cake walk, but for me being so far along in pregnancy, working full time and just being down right tired it is a lot to take on. I just hope and pray that this baby (ps can not wait to find out if baby is a boy or girl) is healthy! The end is getting closer… class is done, nursery is pretty much all set. Car seat will be here anytime for Cory to install, nothing will make us happier than to finally meet this baby on May 3rd. Yes that’s right we have a date… and time, due to previous medical issues it was out of my hands I need to have a cesarean. I have finally come to peace knowing that this is what is best for me and our baby, I will still get skin on skin after birth and I won’t miss the 40 week wait of its a _____! Hope you all have a fantastic Easter with all your family and friends. I will be back soon with another shorter update I am sure! 



32 Weeks & Counting Down::

Hello Darling’s! The snow is finally melted and we are hearing the birds sing every morning- the days are getting longer and all I can do is count down until May when we get to meet our little bundle! I am still sleeping through the night, lucky me I am so counting my blessing’s regarding this! Still pushing forward with my GD and it is still overwhelming but I see an end in sight… around 6 weeks and counting down! Baby Shower’s are both scheduled and I can not wait to celebrate with all our family and friends! My classes are all complete and the nursery is pretty much all set- just needs a few final touches once baby is born (boy or girl accents) Car seat and stroller should be arriving any day and I am soooo excited to get everything installed and put together! Hope you all have a fantastic Easter this Sunday!



29 Week Update::

Hello! Spring is right around the corner and our little bundle can not get here soon enough! I am officially 29 weeks and baby is growing and doing great! I am still lucky to be sleeping through the night even when baby decides to use me as a punching bag :) I did find out I am one of the lucky pregnant women to get gestational diabetes and let me tell you it has been a roller coaster ride so far. Its been about a week since I found out and it has been quite the adjustment from testing my blood sugar 4 times a day to tracking 3 balanced meals along with 3 healthy snacks. It can be a struggle when your already going through the emotions and joys of being pregnant… but I know its what baby and I need and for that I will push on and wait out the last few weeks of pregnancy to the miracle of our baby! 



2016:: Almost 6 Months::

Hello Darlings! Hope you all are having a great start to the new year! We finally got snow… took long enough… the first storm of the year and we got 12 inches… talk about zero to crazy haha! Things have been busy around here as usual. I am looking forward to getting to my 6 month mark in this pregnancy. I have been feeling great and craving lots of apples with peanut butter! So excited for spring to arrive!

2016-01-13 18.15.41.jpg



Hi! I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday and are looking forward to the start of 2016! I know I am excited… 2016 will make my family into a family of three once we welcome our little one into the world! Cory and I went in for our 20 week ultrasound and it was even more amazing that I expected! To be able to see all the details, kidneys, brain, spine in addition to the normal: toes, hands, arms, legs and of course profile/body is sooo beyond amazing! We have a healthy baby that looks to be about 8 days ahead of schedule, with a bit of a larger head (just means they are going to be that much smarter haha) We got to take photos of the little peanut home and one is already framed in the nursery! Every week we seem to add something little to the nursery: this week was the crib bedding and I love how it looks! That is it for today, I will be back soon with more baby updates! Enjoy your New Years Eve and I will see you back here in 2016!

2015-12-23 12.45.11

2015-12-23 12.47.02


20 Weeks:: Half Way::

Hello! I can’t believe its the week of Christmas already! We have so many fun parties, dinners and events the next few weeks and I am so excited for each and everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your week, we are still anxiously awaiting snow to fall and stick! Still nothing… but we are still feeling beyond grateful for this little bundle that seems to be hitting a growth spurt the last week or two! We have our big 20 week ultrasound tonight and I am soooo excited to see our little peanut! I hope to share some photos later this week! In the mean time hope you all have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

2015-12-21 19.46.18


19 Weeks::

Darling’s: just a little update 19 weeks! Almost half way! We are getting anxious for the holiday’s it is such an amazing time of year. we are really looking forward to some snow- it has only been rain for days and it just doesn’t quite feel like Christmas time without it… however I am loving listening to Christmas music and lighting up the lights! I am finally getting to the point where people can notice I am pregnant with normal clothes on, so happy to finally have a noticeable bump- plus I got my appetite back finally and it has been wonderful being able to eat something other than tater tots and mac and cheese! Hope you are all preparing for the holiday season and get to do everything you want to! More soon!

2015-12-15 19.40.522015-12-15 19.36.28

2015-12-14 20.27.54


16 weeks:: Girl’s Weekend Away::

This past weekend Mom and I took our annual girls shopping trip! We headed to Milwaukee for a few nights and got lots of holiday shopping done! We always have such a great time together! We had to snap a few pictures of the first snow of the year! 16 weeks pregnant already, my growing bump makes my heart full everyday! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and get to spend time with family and the ones you love!



Bump Nest::

Hello! Hope you are all enjoying you weekend, we have been busy preparing for our little bundle while getting ready for the holidays that are fast approaching! I just wanted to pop on quick and share an update as well as some information on my amazing bump nest pregnancy pillow! I am honestly so happy I got this pillow, I started using it around 12 weeks and I have been sleeping so comfortably… I would highly recommend this to anyone one that is expecting… its been a life saver! Plus it comes in the cutest little package, also the removable cover come in different colors and styles making it fun to pick out what one best suites your style! I am feeling much better these days, getting my energy back and thankfully able to do something other than sleep! My baby bump is starting to show and I am loving it! Everyday is a new unexpected adventure! Stay tuned darlings! 





Hello Darling’s!

I want to first start off by saying thank you for being understanding on me taking a bit of a break from blogging… Cory and I are expecting a bundle of joy come spring and we could not be more excited about it! However I have been nauseous and extremely tired up until now… lucky for me I have finally hit the second trimester 14 weeks! So I hope to get some good posts up soon for you all and let you follow along on this journey with me! Hope you are all enjoying Fall… it is starting to get cold here… jackets are a must these days! I will be back soon with some more fun posts!




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