Beautiful Life::


Hello! Let me just start by saying I hope your Holiday was wonderful! We had a truly busy, and good Christmas. However on the night of my birthday or should I say early the next morning, the flu bug hit me like a bus! I was knocked out cold, could hardly move! Thankful my parent’s were able to take turns stopping by the house to help take care of Lydia! 48 Hour’s later I was feeling sooo much better and lucky as I was photographing a family friend’s wedding that evening! After the wedding at 10pm, Cory and I loaded up the car and our little family headed to Georgia. Well not even 3 hours into the 14 hour drive, lydia threw up all over in her carseat and on her, poor dear! We assumed she had motion sickness, cleaned up and continued on. However 2 day’s later she had the flu, a few hour’s later… Cory had the flu and pretty soon everyone was sick with the flu. Worst start to a new year that we have ever had. We left Georgia after only a few day’s to head home and be sick at our own house, close to doctor’s and our own beds! Let’s just say its been a few day’s and everyone is finally feeling back to normal. Ugh I do not wish sickness onto anyone! Looking forward to the upcoming month’s as spring approaches and hopefully sickness will be done for a while! I know this is not a very happy update, however I need to stay positive and by looking back and remembering times like these it helps make those everyday little spat’s all the more easy to handle. We planned a trip up north (only about an hour drive) this upcoming weekend to celebrate Cory’s birthday a few day’s early with some family. Wish us luck!! I will include an adorable photo of Lydia to help make this post seem a little more friendly!




An Amazing Wedding::

Hello! Hope you are all having a great week, can’t believe it is almost the end of September… where does the time go?! Labor day weekend we were at one of our good friends from high schools wedding and it was a hot, sticky, but amazing day! We got to see some old friends and catch up and it really was a great time had by all!














Packer Game Fun::

Hello Darlings! Recently we were able to take the opportunity to go to a Packer Game with some great friends! We had a great time tailgating and running into other friends along the way! It was a great evening game, wonderful warm weather and the sun was shinning! Packers took home the victory which made for an even better time! Hope you are all enjoying your week!







Fall Wish List::

Happy Wednesday Darling! Today I am gearing up my shopping carts to start the transition into Fall! It is officially September and I am actually really excited about the crisp new air! We have been getting in the last of our grilling and boating and it has been so much fun… but it is time to slow things down a bit and enjoy some new movies… and that new casserole that I have been wanting to try out! With the new season comes new wish list’s… we say goodbye to the easy sundresses and say hello to our boots and scarves! Pinterest is always a favorite tool for me to stock up on what I am looking for each season… how do you plan ahead?

tshirtdress  necklace  camo

shirt  boots  jeans

bag  jacket  wrap

Must Haves:

T-shirt dress- perfect to wear with leggings and boots: Charlotte Russe (similar)

Sutton- Mixed necklace- 5-1: Stella & Dot

Camo Skinny jeans: Alloy

Wifey: black and gold tee: Etsy

Grey Ankle booties: DSW

New Jeans: Alloy

Getaway Bag: Stella & Dot

Pinterest inspiration: military jacket…

Black & Gold wrap bracelet: Stella & Dot


August Insta Update::

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all enjoying the week- the weather has been wonderful and we have been in full swing with events, BBQ’s and boating- getting outside and enjoying ourselves whenever we get the chance! Sorry for the lack of post’s I hope to have an outfit of the day post back up soon! Things have just been a bit crazy lately! Thank you for your understanding and support! I have had 2 of my besties babies to hang out with! Loving snuggle time with all 3!!! Stay tuned for an exciting OOTD!




2  4


Insta Update::

Hello! Happy Monday Darling’s… hope you all are enjoying your summer and spending it doing what you love! We have been getting out on the water every chance we can these days… love being out on the boat!! Sorry for the inactivity lately… we have just been soo busy and going non stop! Seems like the weeks are blurring by, but we are enjoying so many of them being with family and friends! Here is a quick Instagram update! Enjoy!

4th 9 77

curls fishtail lime

martini paper R

sky sunset wake


Thirsty Jones:: Welcome to JULY::

Hello Everyone! It is finally July and the weather is starting to show it! So excited for the long holiday weekend and the sunshine we are predicted to have! I just wanted to drop in quick with a little update! We have been crazy busy and its so much fun getting to spend time every week with family and friends and outside! Recently we were lucky enough to watch my best friend perform Thirsty Jones! They did an amazing job as always and a huge plus that I got to see Kirstie… she lives about 3 hours from me and is always busy running to Nashville for her music so it’s always a treat when we get to spend even a few hours together!! Hope you all have an amazing 4th! see you back here soon!



Girl’s Night on the River::

Darling’s! Hope you are all having a fantastic week! We had a crazy start to the week and a busy as always weekend, sometimes I think I just need to slow down and appreciate the time I have with Cory… things seem to be up and down a lot lately and I find myself struggling to understand why life throws us all these curve balls. We push forward knowing that tomorrow is another day and all we can do it take it one day at a time. A huge part of that goes to my 2 oldest friends, we try to get together a few times a month to catch up on life, love, happiness and pain… we have known each other for 21 years!! Crazy and I don’t know what I would do without them! This week we were lucky enough to take an amazing boat ride down the river to get some dinner… 3 hours later and so many laughs were shared. Love having these 2 in my life!! Can’t wait to continue to make memories together!









Insta Lately::

Happy Tuesday Darling’s! Today is a special day as it is June 16th… Cory and I have been together for seven and a half years! Time has gone so quickly and there is new adventures around every corner! Can’t wait to see where the next bend in the road will take us! We have been super busy lately… it is finally starting to feel like summer time! This past weekend was spend celebrating 2 new marriages and a full day with family and friends up north 4 wheeling riding the trails… honestly best day in a long time! I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun… and smiled and laughed and just felt safe and loved… it was just an overall great feeling! I hope you are all having a fantastic week, I plan on spending the night with mom having a few cocktails and dinner to chat and catch up like we try to do every week! Until then I will leave you with just a few of my latest instagram clips!

Darling Bee Smiling::


flower yum


neck blk


Insta Lately::

Hello Everyone! We were headed for an early spring, when all went downhill last night and it started to snow again… ugh I thought for sure we were in the home stretch! Just have to hope the sun starts shinning and melts it as fast as it arrived! Hope you are all having a great week! It is Wednesday so that is a huge positive in my book! Cory and I have  been busy with painting around the house- got all three rooms in the basement done along with our spare room upstairs… it has been a great feeling to get so much accomplished in such a short amount of time! Here are just a few images from the last few weeks posted on instagram! Enjoy!

z n


l b

f c



Puerto Vallarta Mexico::

Hello! Finally getting around to sharing a few photo’s from our amazing getaway to Mexico… Cory and I had such an amazing time with family and friends it was truly an amazing vacation! We got to spend lots of time on the beach and lounging by the pool, but also got in a few fun activities including kayaking, double parasailing, shopping downtown, trying our luck at a casino, visiting a local farmers market and many more! Now that daylight savings has hit- and the weather is hitting 60 degrees I could not be happier.. time to retire the boots and jackets and start grilling and taking bike rides outside… counting down till Friday!!

Darling Bee Traveling::


Loved the calming ocean view!


The amazing  main pool!!


Ready for a night out with my love!


Cory and I double parasailing… sooo amazing!! : )


The views were simply stunning and it was just so peaceful!


Ready for another beautiful sunset!


Daily walks on the beach and the near by pier!

See you all soon darlings!


Mexico Wish List::

Hello Darling’s, I am a bit behind today- decided it was high time to stop missing my gym “appointments” in the afternoons and just head there first thing in the morning.. So I made it happen- 5:30am woke up and headed to the gym to swim laps and it felt great- Planning on doing machine cardio tomorrow morning bright and early- followed by a wonderful homemade protein shake with lots of fresh fruits! Makes for a healthy kick-start to the day and a wonderful leaping off point for the rest of my week! Mexico is coming up fast and I need to start planning what I want/need to buy/pack so I decided its been a long time since my last wish list- October (ouch) it was definitely time for another one! What are you doing to stay on track?!

Darling Bee Planning::

1swimsuit 2essie 3oakley gretchen sunglasses

4neon 5hat 6sandles

7dress 8sunscreen 9skirt

From Left to Right: Top to Bottom:

This amazing strapless coral swimsuit I would love to add to my collection: Pinterest

White and Neon Manicure that is just what I have planned for my nail appointment coming up

Oakley Aviator sunglasses- my go to splurge a few years back!

This simple stunning Neon dress- hanging in the closet ready to be worn!!

Large black floppy hat- a must find (having the hardest time finding one I really love)

Sparkle Sandals… a must for any vacation!

This white and blue Lulu dress I wore for our anniversary in June- (no crime in wearing things more than once!)

Neutrogena sunscreen… trying this new break-out free kind… hoping it works the way I am expecting!

My latest obsession… this white crochet skirt from forever 21 that I bought and have yet to wear- perfect for a night out after a long beach day!

See you back here soon- have a great day lovelies!



Happy Monday! Back at it again- counting down till we will be sitting poolside in MEXICO! I am so tired of the harsh cold weather- dries my skin out and leaves me feeling pale… so I am looking forward to the sunshine! This weekend was birthday weekend and filled with lots of meals with family and spending time with friends… surprised myself and got most of the house cleaned and laundry done… so that was a major plus side! Friday I stopped by a local cupcake shop- Cupcake Couture and picked up a Rocky Road cupcake and a Birthday Cake Oreo cupcake for Cory and I to split for his birthday! So far we have just had the Rocky Road but it was fabulous! I would highly recommend the specialty cupcakes- and plan to try more flavors in the future! Have a fantastic week and I will see you back here soon! Thank you again to all of my followers- couldn’t do this without your support!

Darling Bee Sweetness::





Bundled Victory::

TGIF Darling! Today I want to wish you all a fantastic weekend and share a little something from this past Sunday… I was given the opportunity to go to a Packer Playoff Game VS the Dallas Cowboys and the Packers WON! 26-21 it was a balmy 22 degrees outside and the sun was shining the perfect weather for a winter playoff game! A large group tailgated and we all cheered on the Pack! We have another tough game this Sunday against Seattle… holding my breath until after the game on Sunday! Fingers Crossed Darlings!!

Today is not only a Friday in our household it is also my loving husbands Birthday!! We are planning a dinner out with family and friends followed by a Hockey Game! I am looking forward to a night of fun to help him celebrate!

Darling Bee Amazing::



Target Style::

Hello Lovelies! We have reached the mid-week marker! Still in the negative degree’s here and it is causing a bit of a head cold… blah. Just trying to stay warm, relax and get lot’s of sleep! On Monday I received an amazing gift from my co-worker Pam… she made me an arm knit scarf complete with a sparkly button! I love it! Make sure to follow my blog as well as my Instagram @darlingbeebeautiful for more daily updates! I have decided this is the year to be great! Last night I stopped at Target and of course ended up wandering around for far too long… but I found the most amazing Gold Planner for 2015- I don’t know about you but I love the feeling of a fresh new planner and breaking in a new pen with future plans! Target has done it again with amazing pens, note cards, and notebooks that make for an excited blogger to fill them with my many ideas for this year! Stay Warm!!

Darling Bee Target::





Happy Birthday Mom::

Happy Monday Darling’s! Hope you are all getting your final shopping/wrapping and preparations done before Thursday! Today Is not only the start to a wonderful Holiday week but also my wonderful mother’s birthday! She is my best friend, my role model, and an amazing mother that I am so grateful to call mine! Being an only child we have always been very close, we have to get together at least once a week to have dinner and catch up with our lives…we talk on the phone pretty much daily and I am so blessed to have such an amazing relationship with both my mother and my father! Happy Birthday Mom! I can’t wait to celebrate at dinner tonight : )

I hope you all have an amazing Holiday week! We will be busy running around with final arrangements and just trying to slow down and enjoy the moments that we get to share with our family and friends! This past weekend was a bit crazy but yet so much fun! 3 more Holiday parties in the books from Friday and Saturday made for a very lazy Sunday! Yet leaves us all feeling very blessed!

Darling Bee Blessed::


Photo by

This is one of my all time favorite photo’s of my mom and I… just love it!!



Weekend Wrap Up::

Hello Darling’s! Christmas is only 10 day’s away!! With events/parties every night the month of December always goes by so quickly! We usually don’t ever have time to just sit down and relax… I am not complaining we had yet another amazing weekend- Hockey Game took a win this past Friday night! Saturday we had a lunch with my mother’s side of the family for my grandpa’s 89th birthday followed by a Christmas party at Cory’s father’s house! Sunday we made 6 dozen Christmas cookies that still need to be decorated… ill have to get to that this week : ) Sunday night we had dinner with my father’s side of the family for my grandma’s birthday celebration… lots of Birthday’s this time of year! My mom’s is coming up on the 22nd and mine follows close behind on the 27th… lots to be thankful for this time of year. So glad we are close with most of our family and that we can all get together to celebrate this time of year! Have a great week everyone! Finger’s crossed we get some more snow… most has melted around here and I really do love a white Christmas!

Darling Bee Busy::



Chicago: Girl’s Weekend::

Hello! Wednesday is here already. whew the week is going by fast yet again and the weekend is sneaking up on us (no complaining over here) I still have some fun snap shots from my weekend in Chicago, we had so much fun laughing the night away… went to a dueling piano bar and it was simply amazing! I can’t wait to go back again… lots of shopping and a few cocktails made for the perfect getaway weekend! Hope you are all enjoying your week so far and staying in the holiday spirit with Christmas music and lights on the tree!

Darling Bee Getting Away::


Our amazing dinner at Quartino’s… one of my favorite dinner spots in the city!


Mom and I at the Signature Lounge!

howl at the moon

Howl at the Moon Dueling Piano Bar


Crumbs Bakery… sooo many yummy ones to choose from!


this simple bud vase and pink flower awaiting us in our hotel room : )


Bloomingdales Christmas Tree….. So amazing!

Thank you for stopping by!


The Signature Lounge::

Darling’s! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend… I was able to take a girls weekend to Chicago with my mom, and did we have a great time… We started the night out dressing up and heading to the John Hancock Building taking the express elevator up to the 96th floor Signature Lounge… we lucked out and got a seat on the outer edge overlooking the city scape and it happened to be sunset! Cheers to a wonderful friendship and to amazing views in downtown Chicago! I have more of this wonderful weekend so stop by again real soon! xx

Darling Bee Lounging::








Hello! Today I want to share with you the last day of our short little vacation to NYC… we got to see and do everything we wanted plus more in our short trip! I hope to go back someday for another adventure and even a show or two! Cory and I decided to take it down a notch on our last day walking to see Rockefeller Center even got to see a few skaters! Tis the Season! Followed by more shopping in Times Square and another walk through Columbus Circle on our way to see the Lincoln Center, Julliard and the chance to pop in and watch a private NYC Ballet Class a once in a lifetime opportunity and one of my all time favorite parts of the whole trip… Getting to see the amazing dancers of the company practice was something I have a hard time explaining… the feeling were just overwhelming there was so much talent and poise… a girl could only dream to look half as good as they do.. I give them all my respect and appreciation and hope that next time we are in town we will be able to watch them perform!

Darling Bee Dancing::


lincoln center

water feature



Darling’s! How are you?! I have some more New York City fun to share with you today! Day 3 was a little more laid back than day 2- thank goodness… I loved it all but a girl can get tired of walking! Cory and I headed to Times Square to explore and pop in and out of the many amazing stores that line the square! Disney has castles and tree’s and all sorts of exciting things to see… not sure how you would ever get a child to leave : ) ToysRUs has a full size Ferris Wheel inside that you can actually ride!!  Amazing right!! Who can go to Times Square and not check out the M&M World and Hershey! After having seen most of Times square we headed to see Columbus Circle and saw the shops and Julliard… meeting Cory’s cousin for lunch at Indie (crazy good salads) and she took us to the best kept secret Levain Bakery… Cookies that are so big and so yummy…. we just had to get a few different flavors to try…Central Park was beautiful the sun was shinning and the street performers were talented and funny and just down right amazing to watch! Headed back through the theater district and just had to end the day with a Philly from 99 Miles to Philly- YUM!

Darling Bee Exploring::

square    times



central park

Check out More later this week!



Hello! I have some more exciting photos to share from our recent trip to New York City! On day 2 we did more than I ever thought possible… walking almost 20 miles (yikes!) We started our day taking the subway once again to Union Square… followed by a short walk to Madison Square Park- we then did pretty much the entire lower east side, including Little Italy, China Town, Financial District, Brooklyn Bridge, Lunch at Grk (amazing!) Wall Street, Statue of Liberty from the Pier, Brookfield Stores, Ground Zero Memorial, Soho followed by a great dinner at Bareburger… whew I am tired just thinking about all the walking we did! But wow was it amazing! We had our friends showing us around, or we never would have made it to all those amazing sights… lucky for us they were willing to show us!! Here are just a few of the many photos that were taken on day 2! Did I mention it was a beautiful fall day!

Darling Bee Walking::

amazing         awesome

bridgee         dinolex

                                                                                             Our Tour Guides!


wallstreet         Lex


Ground Zero Memorial….


Lake Mills: Carp’s Landing: Thirsty Jones::

Happy Monday! The weekend flew by as usual and we had lots of fun spending time with family and friends. We headed to Madison to spend a family afternoon wondering State Street. Followed by a Thirsty Jones Performance in Lake Mills! I know I have said it many times before, however every time I see them perform I am blown away! Such amazing talent and stage presence. I would highly recommend catching a show the next time they are performing! I am just so grateful to have so many amazing people in my life… given the opportunity to laugh with friends and family is something that we take for granted sometimes and I guess this weekend just reminded me to stop and remember to be grateful! Enjoy your week more from our trip to New York soon!!

Darling Bee Grateful::



Had to snag one with my BFF : )



Happy Friday Darling’s! Hope you had a great week so far… Cory and I just got home from a little vacation to the Big Apple! NYC was amazing and we did so much in a short amount of time that we were there… including seeing Grand Central Station and the Metropolitan Museum of Art on our first afternoon in the city… followed by an amazing dinner at Caliente Cab’s! We stayed with friends and really got the whole experience subway rides and all : ) Enjoy your weekend lovelies and I will see you back here next week for more NYC fun!

Darling Bee Traveling::


Grand Central::


Grand Central::

met    observe


aust    arms

Metropolitan Museum of Art : )


UW Badger Hockey::

Hey! Quick weekend recap… Friday night Cory and I went to the UW Badger hockey game against NMU… my dad is a huge hockey fan and used to love to also play the game… so I have grown up in a hockey watching and loving family… well my dad’s birthday is right around the corner and what better than to get some tickets for the game and grab a pizza before to spend time as a family… we had such a great time…. even if the Badger’s lost… but the night and experience was one to remember…The rest of the weekend was spent storing our boat for the winter and lot’s of down time at home… Cory and I are both getting over being sick so were trying really hard to take it easy and fight the last little bit of sickness still left. Hope you have a fantastic week and I’ll see you back here for another exciting post!

Darling Bee Hockey::



Friday Wish List: Pinterest Styled::

Hello Darling’s! Happy Friday and thank goodness… it has been a long week filled with sickness and rain… in desperate need for some sunshine around here! Here are just a few of the many styles that caught my eye recently on Pinterest… if only I could just as easily add them to my collection as I can repin : ) Hope you all have a wonderful rain free weekend! If not cozy up with a nice warm blanket- grab your loved one and some cocoa and watch the leaves fall…

Darling Bee Pinning::




From right to left and top to bottom:

I need to find myself some cute fall/winter hats… I am loving this trend right now

Find myself a new olive trench coat… for some reason I cannot get enough of Olive right now : )

This Cozy sweater that I need for a nice fall walk with my hubby and Miller…

Monogrammed anything… I am liking the elegance of this bracelet… but I would prefer a necklace

The Naked 2 from Urban Decay…. just need to go out and get it

This amazing grey and sparkle manicure that would be perfect for the holiday’s ahead

A Michael Kors Black classic purse… if only I could….

This trend of adding lace under a long sweater or top… I would add some leggings… it is getting rather chilly here for bare legs

These amazing boots that are sold out… simply perfect!

See you next week…. enjoy!


Amanda & Payton’s Wedding::

Happy Monday Everyone! I would like to share a few photo’s from my phone from this past weekends festivities! It was such a nice weekend- rehearsal and dinner went wonderfully… followed by a beautiful sunny fall day on saturday! I am so happy for Amanda and Payton and couldn’t be more thrilled that I was the one standing next to her as they said ‘I DO’- Wishing you both all the love and happiness that you deserve!

Darling Bee Married::


The Beautiful Bride & Groom!


Me and Brittany :)


Kirstie Made it!!!


The Ceremony

My Amazing Flower’s!

My awesome nails!


Rehearsal dinner!


Cory & I



Fall Wish List::

Hey! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! I am getting very excited for the wedding festivities to begin! Lots of pampering happening this week- final dress fittings, Hair appointments, Nails, Rehearsals and of course the Big Day! I am so excited for Amanda and Payton and can not wait for this weekend to begin!

I have been counting down to our trip to NYC this fall and with that comes some new wants/needs etc. Here are a few of the things I have had my eye on for the new fall season!

What are you most looking forward to?!

Darling Bee Wishful::




From Top to bottom and left to right

This amazing chunky infinity scarf that I want someone to make for me!

Pinterest: Copper hair accent pieces… love this to make an ordinary hairstyle look polished

these Etsy boot cuffs no need for the full sock!

A spiral veggie cutter from amazon! I want one of these so bad : )

A stainless steel salad chopper to help me continue on my healthy journey and also make salad more interesting

Pineapple corer… never saw this before but I am amazed by it…

This neutral sweater from Forever21 that I am obsessed with!

Neutral Forever21 skinny pants with zippers on the bottoms… yes please for fall and boot season!

This jacket from Forever21 that would be the perfect lightweight packable jacket for NYC!

Thanks for stopping by! Come back again soon lovelies!


Happy Birthday Kirstie::

Hello Darling’s I have a special post today! It is my best friend, sister, other halves birthday today and we are hour’s apart… pretty bummed but I know I will get to see her next weekend for Amanda’s Wedding!! I can’t wait! I hope you have the most amazing birthday its a milestone that’s for sure and know that I am thinking about you all day! XO Everyone please check out Thirsty Jones! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and a great start into October! I know my next week is going to get a little crazy with finalizing for Amanda’s wedding- eating healthy and welcoming a good friend to town from Germany to help us celebrate!

Darling Bee Happy!



Taste Of Madison:: Thirsty Jones::

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I am a little delayed with this post but I have been trying to track down the few photo’s that I have to share. Over Labor day weekend Cory and I were given the opportunity to go to Taste Of Madison:: boy was that an interesting experience… over 100 food vendors and 3 stages all surrounding the Capital Building downtown Madison… We ate our way through, lounged on the grass and listened to music in the 90 degree weather.. it was a beautiful day and lucky for us we were able to watch my best friend Kirstie Kraus perform as lead singer/songwriter of Thirsty Jones! Opening for Chase Rice!! They did an amazing job hosted by Q106 and wow did they rock it : ) I am so proud to call her my best friend… she is continuing to amaze me with going to Nashville multiple times a year to write songs and network… I wish her the best of luck and I know she is going to make it BIG! (I only had my phone with me so you have to excuse the clarity of these photo’s)

Darling Bee Talented!





Green Bay Packer- Season Game::

Hello Everyone, Cory and I were given the opportunity to tailgate and attend this past Sunday’s Packer Game against the New York Jets… it was such a beautiful sunny day- we couldn’t have asked for better weather. We had such a great time with family and friends and look forward to the opportunity to attend another winning game in the future. : )

I am loving the slight crisp weather and the start of apple crisp season… we have been getting lots of landscaping done around the house in preparation for the winter months… lot’s of hard work but well worth the final result!

Darling Bee Packer Fan’s::




Tuesday Wish List::

Hello Everyone! Hope you all had a lovely labor day weekend! It is getting to be that time… September, I have already started on making crock pot soup recipes and am loving they way they taste… such a great feeling to find a new recipe the speaks to you and once you actually make it- enjoy it as much as you thought you would! Here are a few thing’s I have had my eye on wanting/craving/needing- Enjoy!

Darling Bee Spoiled::

bootsglamglowleopard clutch

succulent gardenKelvin+Rugmercury glass

necklace biboct wedding nailslokai_hero_web_1

From Left to Right working our way down:

These AMAZING boots I saw on Pinterest- No link but I am looking all over for them!! XO

Glam Glow- A bit pricey but I am seeing it all over the internet and thinking I might just have to crack and buy a jar… hmmm

Leopard Clutch- a must have for my fall essentials :)

These amazing small white succulent pots— I think I might just need to find a place for these at home…

A wonderful area rug to add to our extra room/office… loving the colors!

Mercury Glass- Just found a small cup at Goodwill for only 1.49! Score!!

This turquoise Bib Necklace… a little more summery but still a lovely piece

Need to find these 2 essie nail colors- this is going to be a must have manicure for the October Wedding!

a Lokai Hero Bracelet… stunning

Stop by again soon for more!


Busy Body Weekend::

Happy Monday Everyone! I don’t know about you but I spent as much time as I could in the water this weekend- trying to hold onto these last few weeks of summertime weather! We had friends over for pizza, billiard’s and cards on friday night- lots of laughs and finally able to use our basement we have been working so hard on to entertain! Saturday and Sunday were spent with family and friends floating down the river in a group of about 20 tubes- coolers and lots of laughs, Sunday was a beautiful day to spend by the pool! Time in between was spent working with Cory on creating the new bathroom in the basement! So excited it’s all framed in and the door has been added!! More on that to come!

Darling Bee H2O::


I even got to capture a photo of this beautiful butterfly!!


Green Bay Packer Family Night::

Hello Lovely’s hope you all had an amazing weekend! Mine was jam-packed as usual… just the way I like it to be- always on the run! Cory and I had the opportunity to go to our friends house for a BBQ and Bon Fire on Friday night- lots of time creating memories, laughing and remembering the good times together- making new friends along the way! Saturday I was able to go to the Green Bay Packer Family Night with family and what a neat experience that was… lots of little ones going to Lambeau Field for the first time- watching the scrimmage and eating popcorn.. so many happy little faces! The best part is after dark when they put on the firework and laser show…all timed to music it is truly something magical to see… feeling so blessed to have all these wonderful chances to make memories with everyone that I love!

Darling Bee Magical::



Friday Wishes::

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful week and have some amazing weekend adventures planned:: I am in full count down mode to Amanda’s Bridal Shower this sunday!! Here are the things I have been craving/wanting/needing to have…if only all wishes were to come true :)


Darling Bee Wishing::


dreammobiledreamcribDream Diaper Bag


From Left to right working our way down::

This amazing purse that I am craving for fall from Big Buddha- Love this!

Soft blush pink blouse top from H&M only 9.95!!

Dark floral pants that would be great for summer into fall adding some boots- H&M

This Amazing Baby Mobile- that I just think is adorable- Don’t worry not pregnant just mildly obsessed with baby stuff at the moment! Amazon

This Crib… have been looking at it for months and just love the softness yet vintage vibe its giving off!- Amazon

My obsession- this is my PERFECT diaper bag- I have not been able to find any I like and this one hits the spot right on! Hmmm

The perfect small watering can for keeping in the house… watering my small indoor plant and a few small outdoor plants- Amazon

A ponytail palm- I had one in my first apartment I called Harrietta- might need to think about getting another….

Kabob Skewers… for these last few weeks of summer grilling… this is a must!

Well thanks for stopping! See you next week darlings!


Summertime Adventures::

Hello Everyone- Can not believe tomorrow is AUGUST FIRST- where is the time going… pretty soon we will be storing away the boat, and pulling out the chunky sweaters and boots as the air goes from hot and muggy to cool and crisp… But we do still have August thank goodness! I have been crazy busy this week in preparation for one of my Besties Amanda’s Bridal Shower- lots of DIY decorations- post coming soon! So keep an eye open for those! This past weekend Cory and I were out and about a lot- Spending friday night out downtown on our city deck with friends and family watching a local band- such a beautiful night- so many laughs and memories made :) Saturday we were given the opportunity to head to Milwaukee for a Baseball game with family and boy was it HOT outside… but lucky for us no rain and we won 5-2!! It’s been a few years since we have gone so it was a real treat! Sunday crazy enough was my first bike ride of the season and we just had to stop at the local ice cream place to enjoy a cone in the hot sunshine… such a nice weekend- and already it is thursday and we are preparing for yet another fun-filled weekend!

Darling Bee Laughing::



Our European Adventure::

Hey Everyone:: So because I am so new to the blogging world- just dipping my toe’s in and trying new things out! I decided that since July marks one year since we have been on our European Adventure that I would include some fun pictures on here! I was given the opportunity through my work to travel to Schwäbisch Hall Germany for one week with one of my really good friend’s Amanda- to see our headquarters… such a beautiful place and my first and only (hoping that will change someday) time to Europe… after spending a week in schwäbisch hall, Cory flew in to meet me for a week of vacation along with Payton (Amanda’s man!), keeping the rental car and traveling from Frankfurt Germany, to Bellinzona, Switzerland for a night at a cute little Bed & Breakfast off the beaten path, followed by 3 days in Diva Marina, Italy and a day trip to Riomaggiore in Cinque Terre… one of my favorites so beautiful! After a ferry tour and a beach engagement for Payton & Amanda! (getting married October 2014, I am Maid of Honor and can’t wait!) we headed to Lauternrunnen, Switzerland and hiked up an amazing waterfall! Finally met up with some friends in Heidelberg, Germany taking a boat tour and a tour of the Heidelberg Castle.. breath-taking views! Finally we traveled back to Frankfurt for one last night before heading back home…. I think I took around 1500 pictures… I just could get enough of how amazing everything was! It was for sure an adventure of a lifetime!

Darling Bee Exploring::


Schwäbisch Hall, Germany


Amanda & I in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany


Bellinzona, Switzerland

italy 1 month

Diva Marina, Italy (one month married)

italy cinque terra

Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre Italy

mountains switzerland

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

heidelberg boat tour

Heidelberg, Germany- Boat Tour (that was the boat! so cute!)

germany castle

Heidelberg, Germany (Castle in the background)

castle heidelberg Germany

Heidelberg, Germany- see that bridge on the right side that was were the picture above was taken!


Up at the top by the Heidelberg Castle!


The whole group!


4th of July Weekend Fun::


I hope you had an amazing 4th of July! I know we did! Lot’s of family time, BBQ’s, bonfire’s, boating and lots of sunshine and laughs… Finally seeing summer in full swing! I am looking forward to getting back into the weekly routine around the house, finish up some projects that I have been meaning to do- Painting the office closet. Putting together the new shelves for my craft space. Painting the doors to the fridge in the basement with chalkboard paint! Photos to come soon I hope!

Darling Bee Crafty::



Country Festival:: Long Walks at Night::

Hard to believe it is friday already! Looking forward to the weekend ahead full of fun, sun and family time! Speaking of fun- We had the opportunity this past Tuesday to go to our annual Country Festival just an hour drive from our home- It was quite the adventure… hot sun, long walks and great music- we saw friends and family and sang along to the beat of the music… we try to attend every year so this is beginning to look like a tradition! gotta love those! Lucky for us the rain storms held off and kept us dry and boy was that sky amazing!

Darling Bee Singing::



Meet Kirstie Kraus:: Thirsty Jones::

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you have some exciting weekend plans:: I want to just take a moment and introduce an amazing and talented Musician… Kirstie Kraus… She is a singer, songwriter, performer and an outstanding one at that. She has started a new band named Thirsty Jones and WOW let me tell you they are amazing! I have known Kirstie for many years… middle school to be exact. She has been at my side, my BFF, my mirror, and my biggest fan- as I am to her. Watching her grow as an artist has truly been an amazing journey and I can’t wait to see where it takes her next… from performing every week to traveling to Nashville, writing amazing songs and being such a talented singer/songwriter. I am truly blessed to have this woman in my life:: I was even lucky enough to have her create and sing an original mash-up for my wedding last june… she was MOH and she literally sang as she walked down the aisle… it was an amazing sight and no one saw it coming! So check out Kirstie Kraus!!

Darling Bee Talented::



Car Show on a Sunday::

Such a Beautiful day for a walk around our local festival car show… Sunday’s are always a great day to catch up with that laundry and cleaning around the house and yard, but don’t forget to take a walk in a local park or take a drive and have a picnic in these warmer summer months Cory and I enjoy slowing down and taking a relaxing day every once in a while and it usually happens on a sunday afternoon… this sunday we happened to have the opportunity to get some ice cream and stroll through some classic car’s at our local park :) what do you enjoy doing on a sunday?

Darling Bee Adventurous::


This was an amazing blue 1958 Morris Minor- one of my favorites at the show :)


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