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Hello! Hope you are all having an amazing week! Time flies so fast these days, each moment we get a little closer to spring! Lucky for everyone we are only a few days away from the official first day of spring!!! Time to break out the sandals and dresses and just bask in the warm glow of the sunshine! Speaking of sunshine… we are still working on our basement bathroom and I have been looking everywhere for some inspiration and I think sunshine is the answer… being in a basement there are no windows in the bathroom- so we were thinking bright but not too bright just to keep things light and fun… Golden sunshine yellow would be perfect- pair that with some grey and white accents- maybe a few soft greens and chrome fixtures and I think we will be looking great and feeling positive! Here are some of my inspirational photo’s from Pinterest (so addicting!)

p  s  g

v  t    r

m  e  f

From Left to right- top to bottom::

These amazing shades of yellow– just have to be picky and decide on which one is best!

This neutral tile work… maybe as an accent or just even a simple backsplash?!

Mercury glass accessories… amazing!

Espresso vanity with a clean white top…. hmmm

grey, white and yellow towels or maybe green?!

Rain head shower in chrome…. simply blissful

Golden hue sunburst mirror for accent piece or maybe the vanity mirror… choices choices

This adorable painting from Etsy that I might make my own/recreate with my own twist!

These floors…. herringbone for interest… deep grey in color simple perfection!

What are your thoughts?!

Darling Bee Yellow::


My Masterpiece::

Hey Everyone! It is finally warming up around here and I am so ready to ditch the boots and the winter jackets- spring is so close I can feel it! I am finally getting around to creating this post… when fall rolled around I was feeling inspired and creative so I thought I would try out a new project- painting… yeah I was a little unsure but figured it was worth a try, since really a small canvas is not very expensive and I could always paint over it if it really turned out terrible… so I got up the courage and I started creating!


First I took my blank canvas (bought at hobby lobby- I decided on a 14×16) outside and spray painted the outer edges black


Second I applied a thin random lines of glue all over the canvas- once that was dry I applied another layer of glue in the spots I would like gold leaf… Let that dry and then gently brushed away the remainder of the gold leaf



Third I got ready to paint! I used acrylic oil paints from hobby lobby


I picked grey- white- black- blue- dark green and light green




and the work continues : ) starting to really take shape


I decided to take it down a notch and use a white wash over the entire painting


the finished piece!!


another view of the final piece!

Darling Bee Unique::


Christmas Time::

Hello! This week is just flying by as usual for this time of year- dinner dates and party’s filling up the calendar… makes for a stressful time- but so worth it to spend the holidays with family and friends! I have the house all decorated, tree is up presents are all wrapped, garland is hung and this weekend ill start my Christmas cookie baking! Love this time of the year! Christmas is right around the corner and it makes me feel giddy like a little girl again! That’s the magic of Christmas in my eye’s! It also means my birthday! : ) what are you all doing to get ready for the holidays this year?!

Darling Bee Merry::

xmas tree

trees decor





Master Bathroom Transformation Part 2::

Hello Darling’s! Hope you all had a great weekend! We spent our’s hanging out mostly around the house, Miller (our loving family dog) had surgery and is in recovery… poor thing doesn’t know why… but it was necessary and he should be better in a few weeks… anyway’s I have finished painting the master bathroom and everything is coming together nicely.. still need to change the floor to a neutral tile and redo the old outdated shower by getting it tiled and adding a new glass door to make it more modern… also considering painting the trim white just to make it look fresher… still a work in progress but I am really happy with how it is turning out thus far! The mirror needs a bit of help- thinking of framing it in before we add the small tile back splash   : )

What do you think?!

Darling Bee Blue::




After : )


If I paint the trim white I will also ask Cory very nicely to change out the outlets to fresh new white ones!


wall art that I found on sale at Shopko…


Love the way everything is warmed up


Still loving the new cabinets!!!


our amazing new sink and faucet that I am obsessed with : )

Stop by again soon for another exciting post!


The Start of Something Great::

Hello! TGIF Everyone! The weather has officially starting into the crisp cool air of autumn and a little part of me is happy to dust off the boots and trench coats, but on the other hand I am really going to miss running out the door with a sundress and sandles… but it is that time of the year when all you want to do is pile on a bulky sweater, drink hot cider and read a good book! What are your favorite autumn traditions?

I have been working on creating our basement room into a bedroom/craft/office space and in the beginning planning process decided it was high time I create some small DIY artwork on canvas to add to my collection of my photography art I have planned for the space- mix thing’s up a bit… not all prints from my collection but a few new refreshed pieces of art to add to the beauty and make everything pop!

Without further ado…


What I used for this quick afternoon project- 2 8 X 10 Canvas’s- black spray paint I had left over from another project and just over 1 300 pack of gold thumb tacks : )


First I sprayed them both black making sure to get all 4 sides as well


Next I taped one with painters tape and created a chevron inspired design to spray with Krylon Gold Plate spray I had left over from the wine bottles I did for Amanda’s Bridal Shower last month!


Removed the tape and look at that! an easy DIY piece of art that will for sure add a pop once I get the room put together-


With the other I simply took a pencil and free-handed a cursive L and followed the line with the gold thumb tacks- followed by another row on top of the first and below the first lines creating a 3 row width and using a hammer to smooth down the edges of the tacks that were into the wooden frame- So simple and makes a bold statement!


Voila! More to come on the room later! I am in the process of redoing a desk and painting the room : )

Come back again soon for more DIY fun and I promise to get back into my fashion side as well!



Canvas Art Refreshed::

Hey Darling’s! I have been kind of M.I.A lately, but I have been busy at work with more DIY projects around the house! Including a tired old canvas with a print of Italy… I bought this large canvas about 5 years ago and since then we have moved into a newer house and it just didn’t fit the space anymore… so it has been just hanging in the rec room in the basement looking out-of-place… that is until I refreshed it! All you need is a framed canvas, some spray paint and some painters tape! I had so much fun creating and making it something I could love again… I havent quite decided on its home yet… but in the mean time its back in the rec room looking a little less tired and a lot more refreshed!

Darling Bee Refreshed::


The finished product!!


The Before- Drop cloth ready to get refreshed!


Spray paint and painters tape- my best friend’s


sprayed all Matte Black!


taped the edges and started creating!


Finished Look!


Again! I love how it turned out- can’t wait to paint the walls and move it to a new exciting home!

Thank’s for visiting- stop by again later for another DIY post!


Master Bathroom Transformation::

Hey Everyone! End of August already… make me want to turn back time and start over in June! But really I am kind of looking forward to wearing my favorite brown boots and a nice cuddly sweater again! In the meantime I have been cheating on fashion with furniture… well my Master Bathroom Vanity to be exact- Turning it’s ever dated 30-year-old Oak into something new and refreshed and let me tell you it was a week or so of work but the outcome has me amazing that I was able to do something so spectacular with my own two hands! This is something besides painting a room that I can do well by myself! This was my first attempt at anything like this… I am so pleased with how it turned out…What do you think?!

Darling Bee Renewed::


Before- (this is our guest bathroom- next on my list!)


After!! So much better!


looking into Master- next is floors and paint!


Amazing what a refreshed cabinet-new countertop-sink and faucet can do to change a room!

It’s a work in progress but so far so good! Can’t wait to show you what is to come!


Amanda’s Bridal Shower:: Decorations::

Wow, I can’t believe it is already thursday again- where does the time go? Not enough hours in the day:: So excited to share the photos from the decorations that I created for Amanda’s shower last weekend… everyone was commenting on how great they looked and most didn’t even really believe that I made them! Made me feel great- accomplished my goal and Amanda loved everything!!

Darling Bee Imaginative::


Tissue Paper Poms::

mini poof

Mini Poms!


Creating the Garland Tassles::


Garland created and ready to go up!


Glittered Wine bottles Gold- Check!


Peacock feathers added- LOVE the way this table turned out- this was the first thing guest’s saw when they arrived!


Poms and Garland hung!


Sunflowers added to wine bottles!


More of the garland and poms!

Mini Poms that you were able to see going up and down stairs :)


Burlap homemade I DO sign on the front of the food table!!


Gift table- with bird cage for the cards!


Sunflowers and votive candles on the bar!


Wedding Cake Cookies for the Favor::


A little Blurred but me and the beautiful bride to be!!


All the lovely ladies standing!! Such a great day!


Love:: Letter:: L::

Love collecting and using wine corks in my decor… I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to make this super simple letter L to place in my living room made of wine corks…


Final Product- sitting happily by an amazing blue candle I cannot wait to burn… the scroll’s on the side will illuminate :)


All I did was go to my local craft store ( in my case Hobby Lobby) and buy this large wooden L for a few dollars, next I gathered all my corks and laid them out how I wanted them, making sure they all fit nicely warmed up my hot glue gun and started gluing them all down one by one… super simple and an amazing result if you ask me!

Darling Bee Creative::

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