Hello! Let me just start by saying I hope your Holiday was wonderful! We had a truly busy, and good Christmas. However on the night of my birthday or should I say early the next morning, the flu bug hit me like a bus! I was knocked out cold, could hardly move! Thankful my parent’s were able to take turns stopping by the house to help take care of Lydia! 48 Hour’s later I was feeling sooo much better and lucky as I was photographing a family friend’s wedding that evening! After the wedding at 10pm, Cory and I loaded up the car and our little family headed to Georgia. Well not even 3 hours into the 14 hour drive, lydia threw up all over in her carseat and on her, poor dear! We assumed she had motion sickness, cleaned up and continued on. However 2 day’s later she had the flu, a few hour’s later… Cory had the flu and pretty soon everyone was sick with the flu. Worst start to a new year that we have ever had. We left Georgia after only a few day’s to head home and be sick at our own house, close to doctor’s and our own beds! Let’s just say its been a few day’s and everyone is finally feeling back to normal. Ugh I do not wish sickness onto anyone! Looking forward to the upcoming month’s as spring approaches and hopefully sickness will be done for a while! I know this is not a very happy update, however I need to stay positive and by looking back and remembering times like these it helps make those everyday little spat’s all the more easy to handle. We planned a trip up north (only about an hour drive) this upcoming weekend to celebrate Cory’s birthday a few day’s early with some family. Wish us luck!! I will include an adorable photo of Lydia to help make this post seem a little more friendly! IMG_73941


An Amazing Wedding::

Hello! Hope you are all having a great week, can’t believe it is almost the end of September… where does the time go?! Labor day weekend we were at one of our good friends from high schools wedding and it was a hot, sticky, but an amazing day! We got to see some old friends and catch up and it really was a great time had by all!













Packer Game Fun::

Hello Darlings! Recently we were able to take the opportunity to go to a Packer Game with some great friends! We had a great time tailgating and running into other friends along the way! It was a great evening game, wonderful warm weather and the sun was shinning! Packers took home the victory which made for an even better time! Hope you are all enjoying your week!






Fall Wish List::

Happy Wednesday Darling! Today I am gearing up my shopping carts to start the transition into Fall! It is officially September and I am actually really excited about the crisp new air! We have been getting in the last of our grilling and boating and it has been so much fun… but it is time to slow things down a bit and enjoy some new movies… and that new casserole that I have been wanting to try out! With the new season comes new wish list’s… we say goodbye to the easy sundresses and say hello to our boots and scarves! Pinterest is always a favorite tool for me to stock up on what I am looking for each season… how do you plan ahead?

tshirtdress  necklace  camo

shirt  boots  jeans

bag  jacket  wrap

Must Haves:

T-shirt dress- perfect to wear with leggings and boots: Charlotte Russe (similar)

Sutton- Mixed necklace- 5-1: Stella & Dot

Camo Skinny jeans: Alloy

Wifey: black and gold tee: Etsy

Grey Ankle booties: DSW

New Jeans: Alloy

Getaway Bag: Stella & Dot

Pinterest inspiration: military jacket…

Black & Gold wrap bracelet: Stella & Dot

August Insta Update::

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all enjoying the week- the weather has been wonderful and we have been in full swing with events, BBQ’s and boating- getting outside and enjoying ourselves whenever we get the chance! Sorry for the lack of post’s I hope to have an outfit of the day post back up soon! Things have just been a bit crazy lately! Thank you for your understanding and support! I have had 2 of my besties babies to hang out with! Loving snuggle time with all 3!!! Stay tuned for an exciting OOTD!




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