Chasing Calm::


Happy Monday Everyone! Just wanted to pop in quick for a little inspiration! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend- we had a crazy productive weekend, but got a ton of stuff accomplished so it’s a great feeling! Just wanted to share this little tidbit with you all! Hope you find it as motivating and inspiring as I did!

Darling Bee Darling::



Finding the Positives::

Hello Darling, I am going to get a little serious today so bear with me please… just something that has been on my mind a lot lately and I thought I would share. This is no one’s opinion but my own…I have come to a point in my life that I realized it is time to stop focusing on the negative and appreciate the positive. We often dwell on things that are out of our control making it easy to fixate on them causing us to spiral downward into a depression like state… we all have things that happen in life that are not expected. Losing a job, car breaking down, someone breaking into your home, losing a loved one… no one enjoys these sorrows… but unfortunately they are just a part of life… we have to try our best to move past and get on with our lives. This is not always easily done. Lately I have found myself dwelling and focusing on the negative… I stop take a breath and think of something that makes me smile… in that moment hold onto that feeling and remember that you only live once… make it count. Make life something that you enjoy. Stop dwelling and appreciate all the good things in life, and try to block out the bad… tell yourself I want to be happy. My life is not a movie, I am a real person with emotions and I want to do my best to make my life count. Make it your own- we are all unique individuals, yet we all strive to be alike… don’t be afraid to stand out. Make yourself proud and others will follow your positive energy. We can all take a few steps forward and together we can change the way we live!

Darling Bee Positive::



2015: Let’s Do This::

Happy Monday’s and Happy start to the New Year! Wow 2015 let’s make these day’s count! I have so many things planned for making 2015 the best year yet… Just have to help keep myself motivated… no more excuses or putting things off until “tomorrow”… I have been working on ME since 2014 and I have to say I am really enjoying the progress but it takes time…make your goals and if you fall off, get back up and try again.. believe me I had my fair shares of falling off, slacking, and just giving up in 2014 and I just had to continue down the right path- pick myself up and keep trying and I am still working… we leave for Mexico and I am trying to give myself that last push to get off those last few pounds and reach my goal!! Wish me luck darlings!

Darling Bee Trying::



Need for a Slow Down::

Hello Darling’s! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season- NYE is tomorrow already! I am actually looking forward to slowing things down and taking a bit of a break… I have found myself to be a bit overwhelmed these last few day’s… need to really dig down and get to the real issue that seems to be bothering me. Don’t get me wrong I adore the Holiday’s and we had so many great times at parties and gatherings with all our family and friends… I even had a birthday on the 27th… another year older and really wanting to get a great start to it! Cory and I are planning a vacation to Mexico in the near future and for that I can not wait! Seems like the perfect place to unwind and relax and take plenty of walks on the beach!!

We were given the opportunity to take a trip up to Michigan over the holiday’s and lucky for us they actually had lots of snow! Loved driving through all the winding roads and looking at all the snow covered tree’s… simply stunning! Hope you all have a fantastic New Year’s Eve and a great start down the road of 2015! Happy New Year Everyone!

Darling Bee 2015::


Amazing View!


Let’s all start 2015 off the right way… take a new path : )


Some of the 6 dozen Christmas cookies that we made this Holiday Season! So yummy!!

See you back here in 2015!


Natural Beauty::

Today I was lucky enough to see a couple small Fawn’s right up close out my window at work.. they have come to visit a few times already this year and they are getting more and more brave getting closer and closer to the window. It is such a beautiful sight and makes me step back and appreciate the simple things in life, chase the calm and love stopping to smell the flowers along the way::

Darling Bee Simple::



Such a Calming photo taken last summer… every time I see this it reminds me to take a breath and find my calm:: Life can get so busy sometimes… we forget to appreciate the simple things that surround us every day!

Darling Chase Your Calm::








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