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Hello Darling’s! Sorry I have been a little MIA the last few days… we have had some family stuff going on so its been pretty hectic around here. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and a super Monday! I have been running around like a crazy person trying my best to get to the gym by 5:45 am during the week… today I shoveled the driveway and got to the gym by 6am for my workout… feels like I have had a full day in before I even arrive at work… It’s a great feeling… so accomplished! Trying to keep up the good work still holding strong at the 22 pounds lost : ) Today I wanted to quick share my morning protein shake with you… it is nothing fancy but I enjoy it and it tastes good! I have a blender bottle from Nature’s Way and I love it! It holds 16 OZ and can be re blended at any time… I add approximately 6OZ of vitamin enriched and calcium added orange juice with no pulp.. 2 tablespoons of aloe vera mixed berry flavor- 1 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder.. a handful of blueberries around 16 and frozen or fresh strawberries… blend it all up and you have yourself an enjoyable healthy morning treat!

Darling Bee Blending::


Another easy treat is just adding OJ, Strawberries and about 1/2 cup of sierra mist with cranberry splash- for a nighttime treat that isn’t going to break your healthy lifestyle…

we all need a little cheat day to keep sane!



Fruit Infused Water::

Happy Monday Darling’s! I just wanted to pop on here quick and share an amazing gift from my bestie Kirstie! She gave me this glass water bottle that holds any kind of fruit you want and infuses it into the water making for amazing orange, strawberry, pineapple you name it flavored water! This was an amazing amazon buy- there are many options out there… this is the only one I have tried but the weight of the bottle is awesome and it is very easy to clean… I am still trying to stick to my healthy lifestyle choices… 22 pounds lost! So I needed an easy way to spruce up my daily water intake… don’t get me wrong I love plain H20- but sometimes you crave something a little sweeter and I don’t want to reach for that can of soda… what are you doing to stay healthy?

Darling Bee H20::

AdNArt fruit water bottle

Adnart Fruit Water Bottle- she bought on Amazon! I have the black… they have tons of color choices! Happy Drinking Everyone!


Recipe for Spinach and Mozzarella Egg Bake

Last night I was searching through Pinterest (mild obsession) and I wanted to find a healthy alternative for breakfast everyday- I am used to just grabbing some Cheerios or a breakfast bar- realizing that is not doing my health kick any extra favors… So I decided to make a healthy low carb egg bake and pack it full of spinach… I have attached the website for the recipe, however I almost tripled the amount of spinach and I added fresh chopped mushrooms… I plan on making this again this weekend  for next week’s morning breakfast’s… each time I will add a little something extra to make it even better- I am thinking onions, broccoli, chopped zucchini and maybe even a few pieces of turkey bacon crumbled… and I might even skip the light cheese… this makes for 6 servings… and it is sooo yummy!!


Darling Bee Baking::

egg bake


Farmer’s Market::

Last Night my mom and I went to the local farmers market to gather our fresh veggies and talk with all the people we run into along the way… it was the perfect evening… just the right amount of food, friends and socializing… I love all the beautiful colors of the flowers, and all the fresh grown veggies!!

Darling Bee Fresh::





July 30 Day Plan::

Hello! I have been feeling sluggish and low energy lately.. decided it’s finally summer this should not be how I am feeling! I have decided it is time for a change… The month of July I am going to do the 30 day bikini body meal plan to get myself back into shape and back into feeling great! High energy and no more slugging around!! Time to get outside get on the bike’s- go for the evening walks and drink WATER like its going out of style! I hope to have some amazing tips along the way and hope for an amazing result :) Wish me Luck!! To great health and high energy!

Darling Bee Healthy::



Last Night I tried a new fitness class that involved a ballet bar, weights, resistance bands and gliding boards.. let me tell you- that 1 hour class was a crazy good workout and I hope to go back many more times, even build up some tolerance and go twice a week would be amazing for a full body tone… we did everything from ballet, to sit ups, to lifting weights and the glide board was something in totally new to me and crazy fun!

More to come soon I hope!!!

Darling Bee Strong::

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