Hello! It is finally time to let our secret out! We are expecting baby number 2 this July! After a rocky and very nauseous first three months, with weight loss, exhaustion and food aversions, I am finally getting into my second trimester and thank goodness! I am in the process of potty training Lydia, mean while visiting the doctor and still trying to overcome the sickness from the end of December with no medication. I heard baby’s heartbeat at 11 weeks and 3 days a strong 160’s! Saw the baby at week 8 and am anxiously awaiting my next appointment at 16 weeks! We decided to not find out the gender of our first born (Lydia), but have decided that this time around we will find out and have a small family gender reveal! Word’s cannot express how excited I am to be fortunate enough to have another, but a part of me will still be nervous and scared to take on two babes. We plan to take thing’s one day at a time and adjust accordingly, we are already getting Lydia comfortable with “baby in my belly.” She even points at my belly and say’s baby and after every nap, every morning she kisses baby while standing in her crib!! We love both of these little one’s so much and after having a previous miscarriage before Lydia and having some family history of miscarriage, I am feeling extremely blessed to have already made it to the second trimester with this one! I will be posting more pregnancy, toddler updates soon! Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!



Hello! Let me just start by saying I hope your Holiday was wonderful! We had a truly busy, and good Christmas. However on the night of my birthday or should I say early the next morning, the flu bug hit me like a bus! I was knocked out cold, could hardly move! Thankful my parent’s were able to take turns stopping by the house to help take care of Lydia! 48 Hour’s later I was feeling sooo much better and lucky as I was photographing a family friend’s wedding that evening! After the wedding at 10pm, Cory and I loaded up the car and our little family headed to Georgia. Well not even 3 hours into the 14 hour drive, lydia threw up all over in her carseat and on her, poor dear! We assumed she had motion sickness, cleaned up and continued on. However 2 day’s later she had the flu, a few hour’s later… Cory had the flu and pretty soon everyone was sick with the flu. Worst start to a new year that we have ever had. We left Georgia after only a few day’s to head home and be sick at our own house, close to doctor’s and our own beds! Let’s just say its been a few day’s and everyone is finally feeling back to normal. Ugh I do not wish sickness onto anyone! Looking forward to the upcoming month’s as spring approaches and hopefully sickness will be done for a while! I know this is not a very happy update, however I need to stay positive and by looking back and remembering times like these it helps make those everyday little spat’s all the more easy to handle. We planned a trip up north (only about an hour drive) this upcoming weekend to celebrate Cory’s birthday a few day’s early with some family. Wish us luck!! I will include an adorable photo of Lydia to help make this post seem a little more friendly! IMG_73941

12 Day’s of Christmas::

Hello, Thought I would pop on again real quick and wish everyone a safe and wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. We have soo much jam packed into the next 2 weeks and it all starts tomorrow! I am so excited! This year is going to be even more amazing than last with Lydia running around and actually unwrapping her own presents with wonder and excitement! I thought I would share just a few photos from my 12 day’s of Christmas series I did on Facebook and Instagram. Head over to my Instagram darlingbeebeautiful or Lydibug Photography on Facebook to see the rest! IMG_62751IMG_93081IMG_29392IMG_27381

10 Year’s Later::

Hello! I can’t believe Christmas is only 5 day’s away! Every year I am ready with all my shopping, wrapping, baking, decorating by the beginning of December as I wait for the magical day! I love spending everyday with my sweetie, but there is just something amazing about watching the season through a child’s eyes! That being said, once we hit December not only does it mean Christmas and my Birthday are right around the corner… but also the day that Cory and I started dating wayyy back in high school! I know it may seem silly to some, once you get married your supposed to stop celebrating your “dating” anniversary. However, we celebrate the same way since our One year, dinner at Olive Garden. Yes it it extremely simple, but its a tradition and I love it! This year on December 16th we celebrated 10 years together! Wow time really does fly by! We have been through so much together. Graduating high school, apartment living (shortly), living with my parents for a month (love you mom and dad), moving into our first house, having a dog, two cats, traveling as much as we could, countless jobs, engagement, buying a new house, renovations and home improvements, marriage, and of course the birth of our daughter Lydia! I can only imagine what the next 10 plus years will bring our way! I feel so blessed to have the life I live, and he makes it a whole lot more fun!

Throwing it back to our first vacation together 3 month’s after we started dating!08

Yearly Tradition::

Hello! I thought I would stop over and share a few quick photo’s with you! Every year my mother and I take a girl’s holiday shopping trip to Milwaukee. We started this year’s ago and it has evolved to Lydia of course joining us! The last three year’s we have taken a similar photo in the hotel, watching the changes is amazing year to year! We started back when I was 16 weeks pregnant with Lydia, she was the size of an Avocado and we never did find out her gender, until birth! The following year she was 6 month’s old and starting to eat more solids, sleeping all through the night and sleeping like a champ in her stroller! This year Lydia was 18 month’s old and running around all over the place! She enjoyed exploring all the stores and eating ALL the yummy foods! We even did room service and watched a movie all snuggled in our Christmas jammies! Each year is a new exciting adventure, excited to see what the next year brings! Screenshot_20161120-093407.pngIMG_0290.jpgIMG_48271