Uniquely Me Photography::

Lydibug Photography::

Hello! I wanted to share with you all my exciting new adventure! I have been taking photos for people and events for years! Being a stay at home mom to Lydia has inspired me to take that next step and open my own Photography Business! Lydibug Photography has had one session so far this month and has over fifteen more sessions booked for this summer! I am so thrilled at the overwhelming amount of response I have been receiving! I plan to start a website soon, but for now you can find me on facebook @lydibug.photography! Remember me for you next session! 


aec36-pinkdottedunderlineSunset’s & Leaves:

Hey Everyone! Can’t believe it is almost November! Time is flying so fast and I am loving the weather around here… Cory and I have been spending as much time outside as we can. We were lucky enough to take a nice long bike ride Saturday afternoon to a local restaurant and enjoy an early dinner followed by stopping along the trail on the way back for a few drinks and some good laughs… Sunday was spent prepping the yard for winter… but it was actually a lot of fun it was so nice outside that it didn’t feel like a chore at all : )   We also recently helped my parents take in the boat lift up out of the water followed by a nice family dinner were I snapped these few shots of the beautiful sunset and of course some fall colors.. I am really loving the lighting for photography and getting to hit the sun’s sweet spot just right… Enjoy!

Darling Bee Fall::





Fall Date Inspiration::

Hello Lovelies, just wanted to jump in on this wonderful Wednesday and talk about a few ideas for your next date night/day… and hopefully you will have a great time and make lasting memories and stop by again to see me really soon!

*Nature Walk… either in a local park or just around your neighborhood

*Visit a Pumpkin Patch with your favorite hot drink

*Picnic lunch in the park or in your backyard….

*Winery to take a tour and sample some great tasting wine

*Campfire making s’mores and cuddling under a large flannel blanket

*Take a drive and stop and explore new places along the way

*Stay in and make your favorite meal together or bake something from scratch

*Rake the leaves in your yard into a huge pile and then jump in them (alway’s a favorite)

*Snuggle up with some popcorn and have a marathon of movies or a T.V. series

*Ask a friend or couple to join you and take some fall photographs as couples… you can each take a turn snapping a few shots of each other and capture some great memories along the way

Well I hope you find some fun and new things to do this fall… gotta love the layering and the colors…. here are a few snapshots from our sweetest day nature trip up north


fall colors




Vivid Colors::

Surround yourself with things that make you happy:: This is one of my favorite photos that I have taken so far- the vivid colors and the crispness of the sky was so beautiful that night-I was just so happy I got to capture the moment::

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do::

Darling Bee Vivid::



Relaxing by a calm flowing pond is always a great place to sit and gather your thoughts…


An amazing Sunset Summer Sky:: One of the most memorable sky’s I have seen:: Enjoy Darling’s


Beautiful Sunset for our 1 year anniversary::


Amazing weather.. just after a rain storm:: comes a beautiful sky::


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